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The Swedish AFV Thread: Not Just Strv 103s


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British report on the S Tank. I really wish they had this in PDF instead of 168 different pictures. Still, renhenxue and sp15 seem to be pretty cool. It would be nice to get those dudes on here. 

Hi hello, Google Analytics referer stalking brought me here. :V I guess I could make a PDF if you want one, shouldn't be too much effort.

Also, I guess I should mention I'm TheFluff on SA.


sp15 posts almost all drawings I find in the WoT forums thread (well, the low quality handheld camera versions, the scans I have to pay good money for we're a bit more restrictive with) but since almost everything else I find is in Swedish I don't post much of it since there's been very little response to the documents posted to my blog. I do have like 15,000 photographed document pages on my Google Drive at this point though and if you speak Swedish I'd be glad to share them - just send me your email address and I'll share the folder with you.



Per Tanknet, S-tank got new APFSDS, but it wasn't as potent as the APFDS used in their centurions at around the same time because the autoloader couldn't handle the longer rounds.


I'm pretty sure the difference in muzzle velocity and pen was kinda insignificant but I can't prove it because it's not declassified yet.

I'm also pretty sure I recall reading somewhere that a feasibility study of upgunning the 103 was done but it was discarded as too expensive.

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Saw this posted on the WoT forums earlier;




Main armament was supposed to be a 47mm or 57mm gun. I'm guessing it wasn't in a fully traversable turret, but I can't really tell from the drawing. If it was fully traversable, it would be pretty cool for a 1920s/early 30s vintage design.

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