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General cars and vehicles thread.


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They could prolly sell a few to folks in Nunavut and Yellowknife who have the cash after the astronomical grocery bills...


Legit, for $50k they could definitely sell in the outdoor adventure market.  Prolly not thousands, but I'd bet on hundreds anyway. Rich rednecks will blow cash on anything.

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Buses in the USSR, prototypes and models in production:


- NAMI-0159, 1972. Driver sits on the second floor. 3 axis, V8 engine



- YaTB-3, 1938-39, about ten double-decked trolley-buses were made. YaTB-3 were a copy of English Electric, the buses were equipped with 75kW engines. They finally disappeared from Moscow roads in 1948, becase they were hard to drive.



- LIII bus with 3 axis (last one is non-drive axis).



- The single giant YAA-2, made in Leningrad.



- ZIS-8 with a passenger trailer being tested in Moscow



- ZIL-158 with 2PN-4 trailer produced by the Moscow factory "Aremkuz"



- PAZ-671A with trailer PAZ-750 (Prototype)



- Passenger road train built on the chassis of LAZ-695M



- Trolleybus TS-1, made in Moscow.



- Unknown model of LiAZ bus during tests



- ZIS-16 with a gas generator



- If you think that Soviet buses were boring - you will be somewhat right, but not in this case - A ten-seat (the remaining space was occupied by equipment) bus based on ZIL-127 with gas turbine Turbo-NAMI-053 (in the image below) was made in 1959. That wonder bus with its 360 hp could speed up to 160 km/h!



- How about "a cabrio-bus"?




- Buses based on PAZ-651 were made in Sochi for a long time.



- Auto-club "Kuban-G4K". What is Auto-club? A self-propelled cinema!


Some could even accomodate a club, a library, a shop and even a hairdressing salon!


- APP-66 all-wheels drive bus. In the country where the term "road" always had a controversial meaning, could not get along without all-wheel drive buses. They were in high demand by the military, primarily.


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