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That screams CPU bound (CPU is so far behind that it can't feed the GPU).


You could probably get a vastly better computer than that for pretty cheap, but no idea how the money would work out for you.



Those people are bad and wrong. If you want to flowchart your army, you want to play Visio. HoI is war Excel. It's a really good game about managing production, trying to balance efficiency and having the newest shinies, making war plans, and watching your plans go to total shit. The only things that are super wrong are that it could be more fleshed out, the AI needs to tone it down attacking enemies in bad attack terrain (to their credit, the western front of my France game was a giant all out brawl in the best terrain they could get), and the AI is weird about planes. It was fun having my desperate hail mary to get medium tanks into my army in large numbers and costly exercises to reorganize my armor units pay off, and the Isonzo reenactment was pretty fun.

Peace conferences seem to produce some strange things though.




Note that Konrad Adenauer is the President of both West Germany and the German Republic here.

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Bitch please. I have a 50 ship capital fleet with only level IV battleships, carriers, etc stuck in the Black Sea. I'm Japan.



The game thought the best port to deploy those ships in was a harbour in what used to be Romania, instead of the home islands.



And Turkey isn't playing ball. They are in the axis, but I'm in my own faction. We're fighting against common enemies and my armies can pass through Turkey. We also have a NAP and I have military access to Turkey. But the Bosphorus is and stays closed.

So the biggest and baddest fleet on the block is stuck in the Black Sea.

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