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The weather in The Division is amazing. At some point I fast travelled to the home base. And when you travel to your home base, you travel to the street at which the base is located, you don't spawn inside the base.

Anyway, I fast travelled to the base but there was a snow storm going on. And even though I spawned like 10-20 meters from the base entrance, I couldn't find it. Visibility was so bad I actually had to wander around, trying to find the base entrance. I literally had to remember had the position of random landmarks I found and compare them to their relative position compared to the base entrance. Like "Oh I ran into a sign, afaik this one is to the right of the entrance, so I have to walk thataway and hope I keep walking in a straight line".

And when games can make me wonder whether I actually travelled to the right location by weather alone, you're doing a good job.

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The Division in 1 pic



Don't try to tell Division fans this to their faces, but I feel like the game should have shipped without PvP. As it stands, anyone jumping into PvP has either completely decked-out gear and/or is glitching/cheating and can instantly down you by dumping a 40-round Vector mag in under a second. Up to that point, it was one of my favorite co-op games of all time, and I've had much more fun just making new characters and playing all missions on Hard while just exploring the city.

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