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via Atomic Rockets:


Alien Senses

Vision, of course, is simply the detection of one narrow set of wavelengths of light within the entire electromagnetic spectrum. One alternative to “visual” sight is infrared (IR) vision, or seeing with heat waves. The rattlesnake is quite good at this – the creature has two imaging eyeballs operating in the visible, and two conical pits on either side of the head which permit binocular IR sensing of temperature differences as little as 0.002 °C. The theory of optics predicts that alien infrared eyeballs with resolution close to that of the human eye could have apertures as small as 4 centimeters at 93,000 Angstroms (the peak wavelength of black body radiation emitted by a warm human body). This compares well with the size of the eye of the Indian elephant (4.1 cm), the horse (5 cm), the blue whale (14.5 cm), and the largest cephalopods (up to 37 cm).

Radio vision is another possibility, although there are two major evolutionary problems with this. First, it is difficult (though not impossible) to imagine planetary surface conditions in which the illumination in the radio band is equal to or greater than the brightness in the visible, thus giving radio vision the competitive edge. Second, radio sensors would have to be on the order of 10-1000 meters wide to achieve human-eye acuity, though this resolution may not be absolutely necessary.


Conclusion: anime character eyes operate primarily in the far-infrared/microwave spectrum

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   So i decided to re-watch last 2-3 episodes of GiTS - stand alone complex TV series, and specifically was looking for a scene with snipers firing from helicopter. When i watched it on 2x2 TV channel many years ago, there was interesting/cool/sci-fi looking sniper rifles used by SF guys to kill one of the main characters of the series. Upon rewatching it i understood that it was no sniper "rifle".... look at the right lower corner of the pic.


.... that is shoulder-mounted cannon that was attached to a helicopter hull (upper part of pic). Great work GiTS TV series, you stepped into animea weapon design bureau.

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