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The Enema Thread (Moderator: Tied)


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Sudafed. It's used as a precursor ingredient for the manufacture of methamphetamine. 


Some people also use it as cold medicine. 

Meanwhile, NyQuil is still unfettered. And man, if you want something that will put your ass in a coma...

Nothing says "Fuck you, phone", like NyQuil.

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The entire Soviet Union is never mentioned by name and you see its flag once. No mention of the battle at Lake Hasan, Khalkin Gol, or August Storm. A shameful display.


all autism aside. the Soviet Union is alot more important to Japans history than people think. If FDR would of lived for a few more months it could of been half communist immediately after world war 2.


Not to mention the implications of war with the USSR following border clashes in China, and what motivation that gave for Hitler to invade or Japan to launch Pearl Harbor/vice versa 

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