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Fallout Thread

Mohamed A

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Since we're on the subject, what's the deal with modding FNV? I haven't modded Bethesda in ages, so is there a convenient mod manager or what?

It might be refreshing to play a roided up version of FNV.


I use FOMM for FNV. Though most of the installing I do is manual. I mostly use it for load order organization, etc. 


It also works for FO3.


For Skyrim, I use NMM since there's nothing else really. 


I use an ENB for graphics along with tons of texture mods. I don't remember all of them, but the ones I remember are NMCs, Ojo Bueno and MGs Neat Clutter Pack, along with EVE and Millenia's WRP. 


For gameplay, I don't remember. When my PC is fixed, I can give you my loadorder. (but that's a big when.)




And goodnight, going to sleep now. Talk to you later. Have something I did for fun a few months ago:




Also, that new Fallout 4 teaser is pretty meh. [the one with the guy blowing brains with a bat]


But, gore from FO4 from that trailer:



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