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Soviet Opinion Of US Aircraft


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I asked the question over at TankNet at a while back what the Soviets thought of the F-4 Phantom (their response was basically "lol i have no idea"). I figured I'd start a thread for this and related subjects, since, you know, we have actual former Soviets on this forum.

So, Soviet opinions of:

F-4 Phantom

F-8 Crusader
F-89 Scorpion

F-106 Delta Dart

F-94 Starfire

F-100 Super Sabre

F-86 Sabre

F-111 Aardvaark

B-52 Stratofortress

B-47 Stratojet


And anything else anyone wants to mention.

What were they?

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The couple I hung with in Phoenix thought the F4 was some kind of stupidly overpowered dumptruck, capable of standing on it's tail and rapidly converting money into noise as it poked holes in sound.

They had not heard of most others, and considering they were both conscripts this did not surprise me.


One of them asked me "What AR should I get for home defense"?

I said "The one made by Kalashnikov".. Nice enough people otherwise.


I also was drinking/shooting buds with a Polish helicopter mechanic in Michigan who was of the attitude that "It flies, and a bunch were made, so it can't be completely terrible" when it came to near ANY aircraft.

But he also drove an absolutely ancient Dodge pickup that seemed to be held together with bits of roof flashing, dead Cessnas, and a few tons of rivets, so YMMV.

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