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World of Tanks Time-to-Kill graphs


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Pretty much what it says on the tin. These are time to kill charts for tier X tanks with a primary focus on different guns, rather than different tanks. All reload times are based on the stated rate of fire of the gun: Vents, rammer, BIA, or crew skill level are not factored in to these graphs. All times where started on the first shot, because it is assumed that a tank will not go into an engagement without being loaded.



For the heavies, I tried to take tanks that had similar DPM because the 120mm and 122mm guns can have middle of the road medium tank levels of DPM on certain tanks, and I felt that this would not make a good comparison. This is why I selected the T110E5 and IS-4 instead of the FV215b and 113. This is also more representative of tanks that one would encounter, considering the popularity of the E5 and IS-4 compared to the FV215b and 113.




For autoloaders, I used only heavy and medium tanks. This was mostly to reduce the clutter, and because TD's and arty have substantially different play styles.


It turns out that all tier X medium tanks really only mount one of three guns; the L7, the U-8TS/D-54, and a single example of and M62 clone on the 121. So for comparison, I tended to higher DPM mediums because I could find examples of each gun that were fairly close to each other. This was mainly determined by the U-8TS, because it has consistently high DPM among all tanks that carry it. There is an exception now with the T-22SR, however tank is so rare that it is hardly ever encountered in public matches. Also, tier X medium tank DPM is substantially divergent (~500) among tanks that are armed with the L7 or clones thereof.


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