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This thread is for discussion of Wargame: Red Dragon (as well as other games in the series). Post your decks, screenshots, and/or other relevant stuff.


My Sweden Deck:




(deck code: NvAZkK9pat4yzjxlnHjLUswWpZgvMMZIYrSUgChhhmnpTymdVRjsl3SpARPppk9Jh14FMEIYp5UT6aaYC8Cl/g==)


Soviet Deck:






These are terrible, do not copy them.




A shitload of North Korean 34-85s;



Ikv 91s shooting at East German / Czechoslovakian units;




The Mighty Burrito (picture stolen from C:/Users/Document and Settings/Tied/Porn)






!!Random Deck Generator!!

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Here's mine from like, a billion patches and 2 dlcs ago that are probably nerfed to hell and shitty now because NATO only faggots in this game bitch about everything.


China: Yeah, I remember when this deck had about....twice the unit count it does now, but at least we have the most prototypes, thanks Madmat.




USSR: meh, never put any effort into it.




Eurocorps: No seriously, fuck this blatantly broken deck and anyone who plays it.

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Eurocorps: No seriously, fuck this blatantly broken deck and anyone who plays it.


Look, it's only fair that armored decks including west Germans are better mechanized infantry decks than most mechanized decks. :eugen:


For something that is a semi-solution and will likely become considerably more of a solution after the Scandinavian DLC and we can really sit down and work things out:



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I've gotten back to playing at on a regular basis.  I'm just having a hard time finding games that aren't completely one sided, have everyone on one team quit, or crash mid battle.  Servers have been pretty bad as of late.  My in-game name is Scolopax by the way in case anyone wants to add me.

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