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Israel DLC should be available very soon and devs barely posted anything about it; so far, what is sure is that:


- will go solo, no coalition pairing; hopefully it's a hint for next WG 4 (if will ever be) to drop coalition or limit them. 

- Israeli para will have maroon beret

- no IFVs 



next will be Yugoslavia and Finland. 



Yugoslavia may be paired with Czechoslovakia

Finland may be paired with Poland

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Well, Israel DLC is upon us...and indeed the chat was muted few days but many bans were handed or at least this is what I gathered from Eugen forums.


Feels a bit like pay to win as Israel have some unicorns that outrange most of the stuff red can bring on the field. 


Weak points:


  • Really bad AA (base Chaparral, base Hawks); Pivad + Stinger is decent but Red helos may counter it or is seadable. 20 mm non radar SPAAGs are fine but need to be close...so it is one of the decks when you may need two cards of ASFs; Baz Meshupar and Barak II seems better than F-15s / F-16s US can field  :rolleyes: I was fairly succesful against them with Chinese SU-27 or Polish MIG-29 using their longer ranged BVR missiles
  • No IFVs but this may be supplemented by Merkava II transport and Achazarit with 3 MGs...although I would have liked one auto-cannon option at least; I feel that Merk II is kind of too well armored..
  • Unicorns are Merkava III Baz (excellent Lahat range), Nimrod ATGM and transport helo, Pereh (although I don't like it tbh), Nimrod, Lavi


Lavi is an exceptional survivable bomb truck if micro managed.  Kurnass (LGB) + Kurnass 2000 (SEAD) may be paired for a nice strike train that goes with the same speed and turning rate...Kfirs are also interesting for small tactical games, I especially like the anti-helo capability of Cat C ASF Kfir


What annoys me most is Maglan (ATGM 10 man elite recon team :blink: ) because their mission seems to be behind enemy lines and as is pictured in the game with Spike ER they're great to be used as spearhead of your main force .. they seem somehow OP although they may be countered with scoped rifles recon teams, mortar (although slowly), rocket planes or helos.


Another issue is the 10 ROF of Merkava, I think it should have been stayed at 9. Overall Israeli armored force is over-modeled but it's doable to defeat it. 


I really like the combo Merkava II IFV like + line infantry, it's an excellent combo which makes this faction defending ground quite easy and difficult to be displaced from a zone...you only have to worry about enemy air power but it's doable.


It's a faction against which you can use air power a lot...and imo it hurts 10vs10 a bit although is not such an issue in smaller games. Perhaps some small nerfs will follow but overall it's a different gameplay 


I am looking forward to Yugoslavia, that should be a badass mech deck (my prefered play style). 

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Didn't notice this earlier.


When mentioning weaknesses, don't forget that you literally cannot get Israel prototypes and exceptional optics recon in the same deck. Their recon lineup is a bit awkward overall because of that and it makes things a lot trickier than a lot of other decks would be if they had the same ATGM units. Maglan are quite expensive, 21 AP is okay but not great, they mainly serve to make a point resistant to cursory probing. Dorban-LR is where it's at for real area denial, it's hard to deny that a group of cheaper tanks or a top end tank could drive up and hammer the Maglan with HE fire position if needed although they might not be points efficicient doing it.


The heavily armored APCs are cool and make an interesting contrast with the utter inability to get any unit with good AT in an armored transport for city assaults, especially for mech decks. The Givati get access to a (slow) 2 front 2 side AV transport, but that's it for assault vehicles, and other than that it's down to line infantry with mediocre STAT lmgs and maybe those FIST grenade launchers.


Israel decks are incredibly short on good tanks. The only deck that really does worse for depth of high end tanks is Red Dragons and they're weird asymmetrical something or other that really can't play by the same rules of other decks, and kind of run a similar deep ATGM gimmick.


I like them as their own coalition, they feel nicely distinct, and they have some real serious tradeoffs.

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Hah, I didn't noticed you reply either. 


Meanwhile the Maglan was nerfed and it makes rather balanced. What hurts a lot Israel is lack of long range AA and you might have problems with Ka-52s or Mi-28 or newer ATGM planes like Su-27M but still is one of the best nation in game. ATGMs and planes may ruin game balance. 


Meanwhile Yugoslavia and Finland were added.


Yugos are quite strong and overmodeled in some areas like the heavy recon tank, Super Galeb and 2005 Bumbar missile. Airmobile/moto openings aren't the best. 


Finland imo is awful ; although they have some strong units, it lacks in many areas since Finland have some interdiction trough Paris peace treaty to acquire some categories of military equipment (e.g. bombers). Imo Finland was added mostly due to lobby of numerous Finnish players rather than in merit and it was added to REDFOR since there was more open space to add nations. Finnish Moto/Baltic Front Moto might be an interesting deck tough. However, it's hilarious to have the best F-18 ASF in the game in Finnish Redfor decks. 

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