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Speaking of the T-34, I just got the Haynes manual on it by Mark Healy.  All in all, I like the Haynes books.  They are a handy reference and have more info than say, the Osprey New Vanguard titles.  Of course, quality varies from book to book a little.  I recently got the Challenger II book by Dick Taylor, it's really quite good.

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19 hours ago, EnsignExpendable said:

The T-34 book seems to have been negatively received, a lot of people were making fun of the made up MS-2 and MS-3 tanks (I think they thought the MS-1 was the T-16?). How's the actual T-34 part of it?


Ah, I didn't notice that error.  Based on the bibliography in the Haynes book, I think I know where he came up with the MS-2 and MS-3.  They are described in John Milson's book "Russian Tanks 1900-1970".  The title should give you an idea of how old that book is.  Why he would include such an outdated book in his research is a bit mystifying.  I don't mean to bash on John Milson, his book was pretty awesome....in 1970.  We have learned a bit since then.  The only Russian authors he lists in his bibliography are ones that have been translated into English, so pretty much just Baryatinskiy and Artem Drakbin.  As far as other older books in his bibliography, he lists Zaloga and Grandsen's "Soviet Tanks and Combat Vehicles of World War II" published in 1984.  That title does not mention the MS-2 or MS-3, so it's fair to say the record concerning those vehicles was corrected long ago and somehow Healy missed it when writing his Haynes manual.

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This is the best book about Czechoslovak tanks I have (not having many though). Here it's now basically impossible to find anywhere. Luckily I bought it twenty years a go when I was still a schoolboy. After a quick search I found that the book was published also in English since Charles Kliment has been living in USA for decades (he was born in Prague). The English one is for example here. I don't know if the content of the English version is same as Czech one. The original has also an attachment of dozens of factory drawings for both serial vehicles and some paper designs which never got even into the prototype. 


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On 9/29/2019 at 9:59 AM, Beer said:

The English one is for example here. I don't know if the content of the English version is same as Czech one. The original has also an attachment of dozens of factory drawings for both serial vehicles and some paper designs which never got even into the prototype.


Definitely the best book I've seen on Czech AFVs of that era. The English version has drawings as well--both apparently from the factories and from HL Doyle--but they are regular pages that aren't removable.



Also, a couple hundred pages of Kursk left, and then I'll move this to the front of the line. :)


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      About to read a (stolen) copy of

      Let the games begin!
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