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  1. 56 minutes ago, Jagdika said:

    From now on I will not go to the WT forum or Reddit to argue with some "People with extreme political correctness and will never focus on the article itself and right or wrong". My point is , you can't trust what one has said just because "he is so right and acting gentle so even if he don't post out the original source or reference I will still believe him". That is immature. I have post out my reference, the books I've used, and I have translated the most important part to English. So what else should I do to prove I'm on the right side? I'm really angry with that. There is not that much archives and documents are still unavailable for the public, for me that is just an excuse. Even if it is not public viewable why not post out the title, or where it was stored? Which cabinet in the shelf? I can't understand some people's logic and view of correctness there in Reddit or WT forum. I know I am the right one.

    Also someone from Reddit doubt why I post out this critical article 4 months later, the reason is very simple: I post it out immediately in a Chinese website similar to Reddit when Waffentrager deleted my comment and no one response. After 4 months I have acquired enough archives and documents to prove him wrong, so I post out my entire article. For those guys on Reddit: Please, use your brains to think, use your logic to analyze! If you can't read Japanese, why not try to learn it? Or why not use the translator?  Is that so hard for you? The net is so highly developed there are always some methods for you to understand Japanese and what the archives have said! Knowledge and studying change a person! We Chinese are not as stupid as some of the people think. Yes, we have restrictions, but we also have methods and ways to break restrictions.

    those weaboos only believe things they want to believe

  2. 11 hours ago, Jagdika said:

    I'm Miller Z from Waffentrager's personal blog as well as Warthunder forum. I once argued about the Japanese WWII Type 5 gun tank with Waffentrager in his blog and because I post out the correct information, not his fake ones, he deleted my replies. For details and more info you guys here can visit this link(post), it's in Chinese but you can still understand what I said with the help of translators or something else, or from the screenshots I gave. Just want every of you here know that this guy is a FAKE, a totally ignorant one.


    Here is the link:


    If you can't see the pictures in the link above, here is an alternative way. It's the same article I post somewhere else:


    Interesting. Are you talking about this?


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