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  1. this is what I've seen GetQuery missingExpertus WWW - baza Expertus/ISISmst500wersja/version 2012.04.24 00.37aIntel872 well done men, you proofed yourself that unicellular organism exist online
  2. Stop writing only one line, and start showing your knowledge PLEASE. (but I forgot that there's always unicellular organism online too)
  3. Hey guys! When you guys said this web site is for information I find out what you guys meant! I can only agree with you guys! isn't that Communism? I wonder? So we are here to talk about something a random Chinese guy photoshoping Chi-Ri's chassis into Ho-Ri' top and argue about a real historian checking out real data in a nation archive. you guys should be more knowledgeable than a piece of shit lying on a computer. Also there might be multiple different Ho-Ri prototypes around like the one with angled armor and the one that's not. If so all of you xthete
  4. Nice meme, why destroy someone's feeling? Why do you even start flame war to ruin the already bad Japanese tech tree? Why don't you sign up a partnership program with Gaijin? She is trying her very best supporting the few of us playing Japanese tank tech tree? I don't care if she made Ho-Ri up or not, none of us want to care about this. We want something good as Russian tanks in War Thunder, and the answer is the Ho-Ri production. If you say that you have 100 picture of Ho-Ri or 5 video of it, that will be very convincing. But the reality is that your just another Chinese that want to rost Ko
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