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  1. EMBT is not MGCS. Given the lack of LeClerc h/w in Europe outside france, and the plethora of L2 hardware in field, who is going to pull the trigger first to take on all that ILS risk ? Training, modus operandii, logistics, etc etc for EMBT will all be developed on the fly and surely not a good recipe for in field sustainment ? Bottom line - apart from the few demo systems, is EMBT arriving at an army near you anytime soon ?
  2. I can narrow down... Imagine you had a 25/30mm cannon. Hinter killer type behaviour on the sighting system. Imagine you had to consider some degree of "clever" tracking. Vehicle ? 8x8 (there are many) or Medium weight IFV where the role is 2nd line inderdiction strike. The turret could even be re-purposed towards short range air defence Source ? "western" - but in fact, we ought to focus on this turret being a clear evolution over anything in this class now... NOT a RWS. NOT an MBT Nato type race ring Nato type Stannag but again... if you have some 1mm thick unobtainium that gives protection better than Dorchester, them we ought to know... etc
  3. Fellow fish - imagine you had some money to develop the "next generation" 20-40mm" modular architecture turret. Of course, you could talk about sensor fusion, using AI to detect threats, better / more integrated sensors... targetting linked to drones etc... But is this the way forwards. ? What is the SOTA 30mm turret on the market ? - more importantly, what are it's attributes ?? [ no need to name the manufacturer unless you want to] Built in APS ? intelligent Armour ? Reconfigurability ? Self Repair ? We all have ideas... what would you see as a truly game changing set of characteristics ? I think the T2000 looks interesting and there are some nice turrets from lower profile companies (as seen at AUSA). Alternatively, we might be at the end of the roadmap - "gun + armour + sight is good enough"
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