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  1. EMBT is not MGCS. Given the lack of LeClerc h/w in Europe outside france, and the plethora of L2 hardware in field, who is going to pull the trigger first to take on all that ILS risk ? Training, modus operandii, logistics, etc etc for EMBT will all be developed on the fly and surely not a good recipe for in field sustainment ? Bottom line - apart from the few demo systems, is EMBT arriving at an army near you anytime soon ?
  2. I can narrow down... Imagine you had a 25/30mm cannon. Hinter killer type behaviour on the sighting system. Imagine you had to consider some degree of "clever" tracking. Vehicle ? 8x8 (there are many) or Medium weight IFV where the role is 2nd line inderdiction strike. The turret could even be re-purposed towards short range air defence Source ? "western" - but in fact, we ought to focus on this turret being a clear evolution over anything in this class now... NOT a RWS. NOT an MBT Nato type race ring Nato type Stannag but again... if you
  3. Fellow fish - imagine you had some money to develop the "next generation" 20-40mm" modular architecture turret. Of course, you could talk about sensor fusion, using AI to detect threats, better / more integrated sensors... targetting linked to drones etc... But is this the way forwards. ? What is the SOTA 30mm turret on the market ? - more importantly, what are it's attributes ?? [ no need to name the manufacturer unless you want to] Built in APS ? intelligent Armour ? Reconfigurability ? Self Repair ? We all have ideas... what would you see as a t
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