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57x438R APFSDS round for Bofors 57mm L/70 Naval cannon

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Hello all.


I was wondering if anyone had any info or resources where I might find something regarding a APFSDS round for the Bofors 57mm L/70 Naval cannon that was apparently developed in the 1970s for the 57x438R calibre .

I came across some old defense readings from the 1970s that mentioned a apfsds round was designed and tested by Bofors for the 57mm L/70 Mark 1 Naval cannon.

With my limited understanding I don't know where to begin looking into this round/subject, my resources at hand have netted me nothing so far . I checked a number of Naval publications and tried to reach out too BAE Systems which bought Bofors from my understanding but have yet to receive a reply.



Thanks in advance.


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