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A couple weeks behind, but new mockup for possible Chinese mars rover

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I don't know, I don't fully pay attention to all space related topics because ....reasons (I really should though) so this article comes a bit late, around the time of the recent 2014 Zhuhai air show, however, this board tends to sperg out alot over space related things alot, so I present this as a minor contribution. But yeah, tread lightly, you get put behind a pay link if you click too many articles. (Think 5 is the limit)




So, one thing I have point out that I find out somewhat odd is, compared to alot of space capable nations (and only 1 of 3 to demonstrate manned space flight), China seems oddly...apatheic about doing much with their program, even though said rover (which is just a rather simple mock up at this point) is supposed to be launched by 2020, even that is uncertain, I sometimes question why so little is done with their program but, next to their Nuclear program, their space program is probably their most secretive and strange areas regarding government programs so... *shrug*


I know one thing that may keep them hesitant (which is even mentioned a bit in said link) is they had a moon rover earier and, despite remaining functional after landing for a short time, eventually the power source froze up from a combination of extremely cold temperature and the fine, dust like enviorment of the moon eventually taking it's toll. and was unable to be rebooted from the earth, which may have been seen as a big enough setback to take everything completely back to the drawing board for future missions.


Though, choice quote for Collimatrix.




Questions including whether the rover should carry a nuclear power source and the types of scientific experiments on board have yet to be answered.
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