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  1. Azovets was stolen on the order of the same former head of the Azov regiment, now head of a political party. Now it lies in non-operational conditions somewhere in Ukraine The entire structure of the engineering group (now Arey) has been looted and destroyed.
  2. From the document attached below (it is from Italian DoD) it seems that an IVECO engine could be used on the Eitan. Any information ? thanks https://www.difesa.it/SGD-DNA/Staff/DT/TERRARM/AvvisoPN/Documents/2018/15_avviso_istallazione_Power_Pack.pdf Google translantion: Ministry of Defence GENERAL SECRETARIAT OF DEFENSE AND NATIONAL ARMAMENT DIRECTION TERRESTRIAL ARMAMENT DIRECTION III DEPARTMENT - 7TH DIVISION Address: Via di Centocelle, 301 -00175 Rome NOTICE OF NEGOTIATED PROCEDURE WITHOUT PREVIOUS PUBLICATION OF THE NOTICE OF COMPETI
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