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  1. You are thinking of Soviet designations, which Ukraine may not use anymore. Missile is Ukrainian "Kombat" GL-ATGM.
  2. This thing looks like movie prop. Looks clunky in action. Will be interesting to see robot on chassis inspired by that thing.
  3. RPK-16 in Syria, in hands of TsSN FSB Directorate "K" operative. Posing for calendar photo, AFAIK.
  4. Possibly Russian "SMC" member Directorate K members in Syria, their "desert" kit:
  5. Don't know about state of production line, but here are some news regarding production of Armata: So first batch will be delivered in the end of 2021, at least according to current timetable.
  6. Chinese car companies - 1; Russian car makers - 0.
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