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  1. Posting news about this ATGM here, as it is for vehicles only, even if it size is more fit for infantry-carried ATGM. https://iz.ru/1092828/2020-11-27/seriinoe-proizvodstvo-noveishei-rakety-bulat-nachnetsia-v-2022-godu This also gives kind of inderect reference to timeline of Epokha turret production.
  2. https://imp-navigator.livejournal.com/975930.html Yuri Lyamin's short explanation of situation.
  3. One of Iranian top scientists was killed in Hollywood-esq ambush. Also claims that 2 attackers were killed and 1 captured.
  4. Played Clive Barker's Jericho, a FPS game from movie maker, and a bit unusual one. Game is build around occult-ish story, hellish/purgatory themes and a lot of shooting.
  5. New Tsirkon hypersonic AShM test launch from Admiral Gorshkov at target 450 km away
  6. Armenian KS-19 AA gun and Azeri troops
  7. https://lostarmour.info/offtopic/east/ Few photos of damaged/knocked out turkish M60s were posted from combat earlier this year.
  8. TOS-1 and -1A will receive new rockets with 15 km max range + new digital network equipment. https://iz.ru/1090628/anton-lavrov-roman-kretcul/mashiny-ogon-samokhodnye-ognemety-zhdet-sereznaia-modernizatciia Probably at cost of something else - maybe less ammunition will be carried thanks to increased weight of launcher unit (longer range rockets looks like require longer launch tubes, as Tosochka shown).
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