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  1. Air-to-ground missile launches exercise in Western Military district. 2 km range for AT missile launch from a plane is kind of sad, if what is written is true.
  2. I have no idea why someone will do that and for what exact reason.... just Kharkovites doing their thing, again.
  3. LoooSeR

    UAV thread

    Kalashnikov concern (ZALA to be precise) is also working on squad-level loitering munition using WW2 AT hand grenades with HEAT warhead (like RKG-3) for example.
  4. AK-12 version of 2013, apperently something was wrong with it as AK-103-3 was submitted for trials.
  5. A bit more about PKM 75 http://cniitm.ru/news/678/
  6. Streets of Tarkov is basically warzone'd St.Petersburg, lol, and i like how it looks.
  7. I meant suspended, like a missile or rocket pod. It doesn't look like it is launchable to me.
  8. Better pics of Drok SPM, Floks SPH/SPM, Magnolia SPH/SPM, Mal'ba SPG from same event.
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