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  1. I didn't knew that Vin was so involved in game development. Unrelated, but good video by Raycevick
  2. Photos on a subject Parade vehicle Vehicle that was going through tests. Driver is in front of rest of the crew.
  3. I covered Kamaz chassis that was used for Pantsir, there is an interview somewhere on this forum with soldiers that drive that truck. They drive it carefully, because it have noticeable height and not wide enough, with heavy components on top of the vehicle. Originally Pantsir system was mounted and tested on BAZ-produced truck, which had wider base and lower height of SHORAD module. Perfomance of this system depend on target type, integration in AA network and used counter-measure against it. System wasn't really designed to take out certain types of drones, although i remember
  4. And i though situation with our IFVs was bad regarding FCS and sights.
  5. Novocherkassk crossed Bosphorus, going to Tartus. This supply line didn't stopped with end of combat. Ships in Tartus several days ago:
  6. Stolen from otvaga, pics of BTR-82 with BTR-BM turret during showcase to MoD officials. BTR-BM module characteristics and photos from hull with installed module: 30 mm 2A42 with 300 rounds in 2 belts, PKTM with 2000 shots in single belt, 2 Konkurs-M or -E ATGMs. Digital FCS with target tracking capability, stabilised sight LOS. 1.7 tons for base model, 1.96 for uparmored.
  7. Alligators pilots preping for parade Mi-28UB and Mi-28Ns crew doing same
  8. https://dedalnvoptics.com/catalog/daytime-riflescopes/red-dot-sights/dk-9/ Civilian analogue - 2 MAO dot, up to 10k hours.
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