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  1. i know they tested a lot of guns but they didn't put them into service...i am more surprised by the new users of the Marder that they didn't upgrade the gun..at least to 25 mm so they have the same ammo like for example Jordan who also use YPR-765 with 25mm canons
  2. we got this, programmable 40x53 mm grenade with similar effect like AHEAD(which we also have for our 35mm Korkut SPAAG)
  3. Marder Turret?Nice! i always wondered why they didn't put sth bigger than 20mm later on?
  4. old version and new version.....but next month i will be at this years IDEF and take a lot of pics... this was shared by someone, who said he was driving with 120 km/h and has been outpaced by this BMC 8x8
  5. no comment(offered to Pakistan but rejected) and modernized T-64
  6. what kind of documents do you need? like a book about the Leo or some opsec things which you should just forget
  7. Kuwaiti M1A2K with CROWS and a 12.7 on the main gun
  8. FNSS Pars Special Operations Vehicle
  9. more like the iranian wannabe version kharasth
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