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  1. Sounds like an incredibly dumb idea. Solar panels aren't even reliable in a civilian environment mounted on stationary platforms let alone vibrating military vehicles out in the desert collecting sand, dust and small arms fire. War was never a clean activity, so I don't understand the attempts to make it such. Either this is cheap pandering to the green parties in NATO aligned nations or this NATO chief is actually this brain dead and believes that this is an effective idea let alone possible. NATO just keeps wanting to justify it's dissolution, larping as "environmentally friendly" with it's
  2. I don't really see it as much of an issue. The K2 seems to be protected against the most common CE threats it would see in combat. As for KE threats, pretty much any actual cannon will punch through every MBTs side armor. Based on the frontal estimates of the armor, KSAP CERMET seems to be pretty effective and with what looks to be around 80mm of it on the side, the K2 should be protected against autocannons at combat ranges. Composite side armor on most MBTs is usually relegated to increased protection at a 60 degree arc, but for shots at those angles the LWS will probably get the turret faci
  3. Rule of thumb for any autoloader, no matter the country or design. As soon as the barrel moves, the reload is complete since any movement during the loading process would just sheer off any feed arm/ramp. An autoloaded version of a lap load is actually a really good way to describe it.
  4. Looks like the "human loaders are just as fast as auto loaders" is finally over. It seems like the Type 10 has two settings similar to the Leclerc's "Doublement" mode. Looking at patents for the auto loader system Japan uses, the next round seems to drop off the ammo belt onto a feed ramp. my best guess for how the 1.6 seconds is achieved is a button is pressed where immediately after the first round is loaded, a next round is dropped off and prepared. As a result you get a faster overall reload, but lose the ability to switch ammo type in between shots. Otherwise you get a standar
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