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  1. I thought you would be happy so see that even the Germans are now admitting the superiority of ARgonomics?
  2. I doubt that. The German government doesn’t put their foot down on arms sales to Hungary and other countries with governments that are unlikeable from their point of view, so I don’t see why they’d do it in this scenario either. No, the decision to acquire tanks from a different source than Germany must be for different reasons IMO, and some of the more probably ones have already been laid out by other posters in this thread.
  3. If they are okay with producing Leos in Spain and Greece, it’s hard to see why they wouldn’t approve of a factory in Poland too, especially if it means securing a contract for up to 800 Leo 2A7V and denying ground to competitors like Hyundai Rotem. Heck, even in Norway, where much less is at stake, it seems KMW are perfectly willing to let the local industry get a substantial share of the work if the reports are true.
  4. @Lord_James I think his argument was that you do not deploy tanks by themselves, but rather mix them together with mechanized infantry, anti-air vehicles, mortar carriers etc. in combined arms formations. So X number of tanks, let’s say 2000, might actually be too many if you cannot raise/fund enough supportive elements for more than half that number.
  5. And now that it's been confirmed, I'd say that the K2's chances of being selected is getting comparable to that of a snowball in hell.
  6. Damian's wet dream come true if this actually happens: https://www.defensenews.com/global/europe/2021/07/09/poland-could-purchase-m1-abrams-tanks-from-us/ It's probably worse news for Hyundai Rotem than KMW, though, since a significant contract like this one would have given the former an important foothold in the European tank market.
  7. @Lord_James I think it would, but more so for Norway than Poland since they plan on acquiring about ten times as many tanks as us. So, I’d be very surprised if we haven’t reached out to them to get a feel of how serious they are about going through with this order.
  8. From statements that have been made by various Norwegian politicians, I’m very much left with the impression that getting the best possible deal for the industry is number one priority for a lot of them. That doesn’t mean that the K2 is guaranteed to win as long as Hyundai Rotem make sure that their industrial incentives are better than KMW’s. There are more factors at play here, and some of them are working against the K2. Chief among these is the fact that South Korea is not a NATO member and that Norway risks ending up as the sole European user since a Polish K2 order is not a certain deal yet. But if there is a route to victory for the K2, I strongly believe it’s through the support of the Norwegian industry, and for that you need to put as many Norwegian components as possible into the tank, even if it entails more risk.
  9. You wrote that Kongsberg claims the MCT-30/MT40 can be outfitted with an ATGM and APS. I merely pointed that this isn’t at all clear from the source you provided. In other words, you cannot use this source to strengthen your case. Yes, I’m also well aware that Javelin missiles have been attached to the side of the MCT-30/RT40 in the past, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a good solution that any military would want to adapt. On the contrary, the U.S. Army never bothered attaching Javelins to their MCT-30s, and has instead fielded Strykers with CROWS-J to complement them. And despite showing up in photos of the ACV prototype, it doesn’t seem like such a solution will be making its way into the USMC either since they have apparently acquired the lighter and more compact MT20 instead, a turret that is likely less capable of mounting such equipment. (Also, am I the only one struggling with getting my posts submitted lately?)
  10. That is something that the army may be concerned about, but they’re not the only ones who can influence the decision makers. Getting the industry on their side is also the best play Hyundai Rotem can make IMO, as it’s almost certainly going to be more decisive to the outcome of this process than the K2 possibly being more mobile in the deep snow than the Leo 2A7.
  11. Recent article about Hyundai Rotem’s efforts to secure the contract for the next Norwegian MBT. A brief summary:
  12. That’s your interpretation, and not necessarily objective truth. The PDF-document only mentions that these are options for the RT-series, which includes the RT60, and that an ATGM can be fitted to a roof mounted RWS on an MCT-30/RT40.
  13. Norway ditches the MLU of the current ARTHUR counter battery radars in favour of buying new Thales GM200 MM/C multi mission radars, which will be placed on the ACSV G5. Source: https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/group/journalist/press_release/norway-and-netherlands-partner-thales-multi-mission-radar-ground
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