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  1. KMW has established a new website to promote the Leopard 2A7NO for Norway.
  2. One is free to appreciate the AFVs of WW2 Germany as far as I’m concerned, but it is annoying when certain people just handwave away all of the criticism directed towards tanks like the Panther and engage in all sorts of mental gymnastics when presented with overwhelming evidence against their position. I suspect it’s because many people just can’t deal with the fact that their favourite thing is flawed, but as someone who enjoys plenty of flawed things, like the Star Wars prequels and The Room, and, yes, even the Panther, which IMO is one the better looking tanks of WW2 with plenty of options
  3. They’ll still be around for at least a handful of years, perhaps even a decade. The project that has produced this G5 based ARV, Project 2592 “tracked recovery capacity”, contains two parts: A new light ARV (class 1) that will be based on the M113 (now ACSV G5). Exploiting the remaining service life of the current medium ARVs (class 2). Of course, it’s possible that the switch from the M113 platform to the much more powerful G5 has reduced the need for maintaining the NM217/Bergepanzer 2, but I still don’t think they will be fully retired until Norway has acquired a
  4. IIRC Norway decided against putting an RWS (Protector Nordic) on the K9 because "it was negatively affected by the cannon blast pressure" - or at least that's what this article claims.
  5. The Janes article also mentions a fifth variant that is more or less confirmed for Norway, that being a light armoured recovery vehicle with a recovery winch and strong crane ( I briefly mentioned this vehicle in a post last year). I expect it will be outfitted with a module similar to the one they developed for the Boxer. They also write a bit about how the various mission modules (anti-air, ARV, EW, counter-battery radar) are integrated into the G5: Additional variants, including ones based on the full hull configuration, is also looking very likely since No
  6. U.S. Ordnance M2A2N with the new HMG-M softmount from Rheinmetall Norway. It will replace the older .50 cals (the oldest ones are from 1940) in the Norwegian Armed Forces.
  7. Norway has signed a framework agreement with Saab for the Carl-Gustaf M4, with initial deliveries this year: https://www.saab.com/newsroom/press-releases/2021/saab-receives-norwegian-order-for-carl-gustaf-m4
  8. It has now been confirmed that Norway was the “unspecified Northern European customer” who acquired the Hawkeye vehicle systems for long range surveillance and target tracking back in July last year. It will take a couple of years, however, until it has been integrated on the 21 CV9030 OPVs of the Norwegian Army.
  9. It will according to Raytheon: "The Raytheon High Mobility Launcher (HML) that will be provided for LAND 19 Phase 7B has also been upgraded with the same common launch rail and new electronics as the Mark 2 canister launcher. The launcher raises the missiles up to 30 degrees and can be rotated 360 degrees, and will give the HML a multi-missile capability for the AMRAAM, AIM-9X Block 2, and AMRAAM-ER. Source: https://www.raytheon.com/sites/default/files/2019-04/ADBR_WorldLeader!_Land19_Supplement.pdf?linkId=66006150
  10. As far as Norway is concerned, it looks like the future anti-aircraft battery/batteries of the Norwegian Army are going to consist of a mix of maneuver SHORAD (ACSV G5 with IRIS-T SL*) and NASAMS III with High Mobility Launchers. The latter has also been acquired by Australia in addition to cannister launchers, but theirs will be based on the Hawkei PMV instead of the HMMWV. * I also would not be surprised if the SHORAD vehicle will also be outfitted with a H&K GMG and programmable ammunition similar to the C-UAS solution selected by Germany. In the latest image I'v
  11. Correct. The ACSV project originally called for the production of M113F4s, which were pretty much just a lengthened version of the previous F3 variant, and thus would have been based on surplus M113 hulls that Norway would ship to the manufacturer. As a part of their bid, FFG however decided to offer a G5 based solution as an alternative to the original ACSV design, and it ended up becoming the preferred option. Very true. This is very much a grey area like the transition from M109A7 to XM1299. Some feel it's well past time for a new designation, others do not
  12. I’m not sure if it’s really fair to refer to the ACSV G5 (as it’s now being called by both FFG and the Norwegian Armed Forces) as a "refurbished M113", which IMO would put it in the same category as vehicles like the M113A2F1/F2, the M113F3 and the M113F4 (the original ACSV). The lower hull, along with the suspension and engine is that of a PMMC G5, and while the upper superstructure is very M113 like, and it’s possible that it’s been cut out from surplus M113s, it’s obviously been altered quite a bit as well. I know it’s a bit of grey area we're talking here, but to me it feels like we have m
  13. More info about the Dutch CV90 upgrade program. It looks pretty good to me, though the scope of the project has been reduced from 141 to 122 vehicles, meaning that another 19 CV9035NL will likely be up for sale in the near future. Estonia will probably be very interested in getting those since they already operate 44 CV9035NL. The vehicle in the photo is BAE Systems Hägglunds' CV90 MkIV demonstrator. Upgraded Dutch CV90s will not necessarily receive such a paintjob.
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