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  1. The Lynx will, if selected by the Army, have an electric drive from Allison. https://www.allisontransmission.com/company/news-article/!details/2021/02/16/allison-transmission-partners-with-american-rheinmetall-vehicles-to-produce-the-propulsion-system-for-lynx-omfv-offering
  2. I believe that is the wheeled prototype for the Future Combat Systems program, which ended up losing to the tracked variant.
  3. Don't think there's any indication of that other than this dude saying so with no source on twitter.
  4. At about 32 seconds in, you can see the Lynx being shown to the Army has 7 roadwheels per side, rather than 6.
  5. 2 Leopard 2A4s (One of which came in first) and 2 2A6 from Greece, along with the Abrams. https://veteranos.gr/protefse-o-oulamos-tis-chchi-ttht-ston-diagonismo-armaton-tank-challenge-2020/
  6. Something similar to the SETC, but with Greece only. The US unit took 2nd place. https://www.defence-point.gr/news/oriaka-alla-mprosta-apo-ton-us-army-ellinikos-oylamos-armaton-tis-211-ema-foto
  7. Clearer image of the TARDEC Abrams replacement that came out some time ago.
  8. Maybe it has a secondary ammo storage in the rear hull, that replenishes the bustle magazine? It's what they did with the M1 CATTB.
  9. It seems many people are forever stuck in 2012 when it comes to talking about the F-35.
  10. Which requirement do you feel is too difficult? They dropped the airlift requirement from 2 per C-17 to 1.
  11. I'd assume from Argentina being flat broke, or is it something different?
  12. https://www.dsca.mil/major-arms-sales/argentina-stryker-infantry-carrier-vehicles Strykers to Argentina, potentially.
  13. https://www.iai.it/sites/default/files/iai2007.pdf
  14. Seems silly to completely ditch tanks. What happened to the Marine MPF buy?
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