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  1. Chanced upon this on imgur: an SPG sound suppressor, at the Military Training Area in Meppen, Germany. Vehicle in question is a M109G. EDIT:
  2. Looks like a flipped-over FASTDRAW. That turret is guaranteed to have fat cheeks... The XM91 autoloader on the M1 CATTB had 17 rounds and those were 140mm, though that tank was supposed to have TWO extra carousels (22 rounds, folded) inside the hull for reloads:
  3. That's from the AUSA Global Force Symposium and Exposition from March 26-28 (scroll above on this page).
  4. ^--- ...I...I don't feel so good now. Is there no end to his Gavinitis?
  5. ^-- Also, the steel-encased part does not reveal whether they are talking about a fully-enclosed NERA package (with the steel possibly acting as shatter plate, unless they have DU front plates to fill that role) that's lowered into the armor cavities or if it merely refers to the cavity walls (the "outer skin" of the turret) being made of steel.
  6. Wasn't the HAP armor previously described as steel-encased NERA arrays with DU backplates or interstitial DU meshing? Can't remember which piece of literature mentioned it or somewhat alluded to it (maybe DOE, not certain).
  7. @Ramlaen: did you notice this? IMHO, it's a bit small to be the mystery cylinder on the M1A2C, but it's the right shape. A zoom on that part of the exhibit reveals it to be the Blackstone Vehicle Mount Kit (VMK). https://www.leonardodrs.com/media/6608/blackstone_vm_datasheet.pdf
  8. To illustrate Ramlaen's explanation: P.S. That is, of course, the old XM8, not the current, up-to-date M8. EDIT: didn't realize Ramlaen had already posted them on the first page, I thought I was just re-posting stuff he had only dropped in the AW forums (RIP, BTW).
  9. ??? Apparently, the M109A8 won't have an autoloader before 2024. Source I'm a bit confused about the first paragraph, since there are already a couple A8s rolling around...unless they are officially not type-classified as M109E8s but as mere version-agnostic testbeds.
  10. Given that it has a ring of circular apertures above the main optic, I suspect it's some sort of flash/laser beam detector. Maybe a soft-kill APS component to complement the hard-kill Iron Fist? It's either that or an anti-sniper system (though the latter, like the Raytheon Boomerang, would rely more on microphones, rather than optical sensors, for source triangulation).
  11. ^-- Except Ramlaen posted pictures attesting to this turret extension (distance from turret edge to ARAT-2 mount and the fact that the turret cheeks now nearly completely cover the gun mantlet's sides). No need for a tinfoil hat here.
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