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  1. Hanwha and Oshkosh OMFV participation and partnership confirmed: https://www.hanwha-defense.co.kr/eng/media/news-view.do?idx=2610 https://breakingdefense.com/2021/04/omfv-koreas-hanwha-is-officially-in/
  2. K1s and K1E1s of the 5th Infantry Division conducting training at the Darakdae Training Center.
  3. K1E1s, K1 ARVs, K242s, and K200s on the move
  4. K1A2s, K30s, and K200s of the 30th Armored Brigade training at the Seungjin firing range on the 8th of this month.
  5. Uparmored KM450s apart of the Zaytun Division during their tours in Iraq (as well as one image from a defense expo in Korea by the looks of it)
  6. There is a fairly slow future ahead for the M48A3Ks. To keep it short, gradual replacement probably with K1E1s and with the some talk about more production runs of K2s with the goal of replacement of the more elderly tanks still in service with the ROK. If that is true it may come to pass sooner than later if everything goes according to the hopes of the ROK. Recent article (in Korean) about the "South Korean military speeding up the fourth mass production of K2 tank and additional K21 armored vehicles." :https://www.bizhankook.com/bk/article/21600
  7. ROKMC M48A3Ks of the 2nd Marine Division on maneuvers sometime recently in 2021 according to the title of the video.
  8. The XK21 STM emerging from a low-temperature test.
  9. Photos of K1s from the ROK 1st Armored Brigade(as well as the photos of the ammo loading being from the 102nd Armored Brigade, at least if looking at the shoulder patch) during a live fire exercise.
  10. Some odd vismods based on the K200 APC
  11. K30 Biho and the K808 SPAAG at the Hanwha Defense Plant No. 2 in Changwon.
  12. ROK Marines of the 2nd Marine Division conducting the KAAV7A1 Driver Qualification Course.
  13. Some photos of K9s on the production line.
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