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  1. K2s and K21s of the 11th Maneuver Division doing some gunnery training
  2. K1A2s and K242s of the 30th Armored Brigade K1A2s K242s
  3. Some footage of the export K2 Black Panther doing some high speed tests in Oman
  4. Units of the ROK 31st Infantry Division training on the K806
  5. K239 Chunmoo and the K239T Ammunition Carrier
  6. K9A1s during a mobility demonstration at the Mun-hae Ri Range in Cheolwon, Gangwon Province on the the 24th of June.
  7. Pictures from a video at the "Korea Defense Component & Equipment Fair 2021" of the K2 variant that was trialed in Oman.
  8. Some photos of the K2M model. These were taken at the "Korea Defense Component & Equipment Fair 2021".
  9. New video of the AS21 from Elbit:
  10. Not sure when these photos were taken but ROK BMP-3s doing a river crossing exercise
  11. K263s of the 11th Air Defense Group
  12. K9A1 production line (along with the K105A1, though these photos focus on the K9A1)
  13. Going to go out on a limb an assume just a generic "tank". Don't think they are trying to go for any specific vehicle.
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