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  1. More images from Hanwha Defense's booth at ADEX 2021 TAipers Ground Launchers HELLCAT and Laser Based Anti-Aircraft Weapon System Models AS21 Redback Model K9 and K10 Models Long Range Precise Attack System, Multipurpose Light Vehicle, and Integrated Mobile Surveillance System Models I-UGV Unmanned Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle Model
  2. More images from the Hyundai Rotem booth at ADEX 2021 K2NO Medevac K808 Proposed K808 variant models Next Generation Wheeled Armored Fighting Vehicle Model K2M, Next Generation Main Battle Tank, and K600 Models Sherpa UGV Defense Drone UGV
  3. A bunch more pictures have been posted from ADEX K2NO Long Range Precise Attack System Multipurpose Light Vehicle I-UGV
  4. Some things on display at Hanwha's section of ADEX. Most interesting to me would be the Long-Range Precise Attack System.
  5. Some proposed K808 variant models that were shown at ADEX 2021. There is also some sort of future wheeled IFV model there as well though I haven't found any other pictures of it outside of these screencaps from a livestream.
  6. A video of the K2NO on the show floor of the convention center that ADEX will be held in.
  7. The possible K2NO Fitted with Trophy radars and Norwegian camo. It's said that this K2 will be spotted at the upcoming ADEX 2021 (along with the Desert K2 we've seen at expos in the past) so we may get more pictures and details then.
  8. ROKMC Plasan Sand Cats with Spike NLOS used for costal defense
  9. Some older footage of a demonstration of the K239 Chunmoo
  10. Army Tiger 4.0, a demonstration of various in development and recently adopted equipment was shown off during an exercise at the KCTC. In this video you can see various UGVs, the K808, and the K600, among other bits of kit.
  11. An armored column of the 11th Maneuver Division
  12. Short answer: No Slightly longer answer: There were a few different attempts to acquire M60s from the US but they never materialized. So the ROK was left to update their M48s with Korea not long after joining with the US to develop the K1. There's a bit more nuance to it all but that's the general gist. On the topic of ROK M60s though, there is this peculiar picture which is supposedly a ROKMC M60A1 (The word printed on the side translates to "Marine Corps"). The theory is, if it isn't an edited photo, the ROKMC loaned some M60A1s from the USFK and did some cross training on them.
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