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  1. The K808 Command Vehicle recently finished development. Research and development began in 2017 and production of the command vehicles will begin in 2022.
  2. K21s and K1s of the 11th Mechanized Infantry Division "Tactical Training" at the Hongcheon Training Center.
  3. Video of the AS21 Launch Ceremony.
  4. K808s of the 25th Infantry Division crossing the Imjin River during a recent winter combat exercise.
  5. Another video of the AS21. This video shows some footage of the 3rd prototype moving, along with it being loaded for shipment to Australia last month. There is also the same footage from the video posted by DTR in this one as well.
  6. A ROKMC M48A3K of the 6th Marine Brigade possibly on Baengnyeongdo Island.
  7. Some footage of the K1A1s of the 30th Armored Brigade that I posted about earlier.
  8. Nothing to my knowledge. Just is the direction the muzzle blast takes due to the muzzle brake. Some other K55A1 examples.
  9. A short video on Hanwha Defense's UGV offerings
  10. K1A1s, K55A1s, and K9s of the 30th Armored Bigrade conducted their first live fire of the year recently.
  11. I really haven't heard too much from the tankers of the 3rd Armored Bigrade themselves but from what I have seen I err more on the side of mixed as far as how the T-80Us are received by the soldiers. Reason being the shortage of parts (though not complete lack of parts) and relatively high amount of mechanical issues probably in response to not being maintained as much as they should. Sorry that I can't give a more definitive answer, though maybe if I can chat with someone in the 3rd Armored Bigrade we can revisit this.
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