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  1. That's the same problem as with Iron Vision.
  2. MIL-A-46099C limits the thickness of DHS to 14mm, meanwhile MIL-DTL-32332A limits it to 16mm.
  3. Zadlo


    First at all - How to get into SH's Discord server?
  4. The newer is the deep modernization of the older one.
  5. This scheme is similar to BDD structure but with thicker steel plates. This type of structure greatly improves protection against kinetic rounds only when rod fractures during the penetration. It is possible when you use carbide cored ammunition instead of heavy alloy ones. .
  6. If composite armour with glass textolite filler can be named NERA Basically these drawings are too old to contain NERA in it.
  7. You behave like Australia doesn't have any ammunition plant and they won't have. Meanwhile RWM is building own facility in Maryborough and there's no problem to produce 30x173mm ammunition for both Boxer and Lynx.
  8. How many ACV 1.1. uses MCT-30 turret? Is it 0?
  9. You have a bit bigger issue because you already use Bushmaster II. It depends on Rheinmetall if you'll use different links for MK 30-2 and Mk 44 or Lynx will be armed with WOTAN 30 which can use Mk 44 links. But for Australians it's not an issue. Tbh they choose the first 30mm autocannon and no matter if they choose Bushmaster II, MK 30-2 or WOTAN 30 they'll not solve this problem because Americans use Bushmaster II only on Stryker Dragoon (81 pieces) meanwhile XM319 uses linkless 30mm ammunition.
  10. We need source about that. Because Spaniards use US DoD 30x173mm ammunition in Pizarros which are armed with MK 30-2.
  11. K21 has very heavy turret. Fire support version with XC-8 105HP turret is 600 to 1000 kg lighter than basic IFV. That's why they had to use composites in the structure.
  12. I'm interested how good K21 would be as a torch in engagements against North Korean armour with such a lot composites in a structure.
  13. It's easy to think what was the reference threat for Mk4. Which ATGMs had Syria around 1995 - 1999? If you answer that you'll know which protection levels the fourth Merk represents for sure. Which patent?
  14. Scheme of HITFIST-30p complete armour - WITU accidentally (or not) unveiled that during the certification.
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