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  1. To confirm, this is still just intend to be an export vehicle, yes?
  2. Ahh, I definitely should have figured we already had such photos in here.
  3. Kinda curious what the inside of one of those looks like.
  4. Big time. The Suckling was... something else. Rich Evan's laugh shall not be contained.
  5. If you manage to throw the ball/rock/hand grenade into one of the buckets, while receiving fire from the .50 cal, do you win a prize?
  6. Experimental XM1101 LAMPSS (Large Area Mobile Protected Smoke System) equipped with a smoke generator and Hydra smoke rockets.
  7. I haven't watched the entirety of this one. I did see The Critical Drinker's response vid, which seemed to cover most everything but was much shorter, so I'm curious what the hackfrauds had to talk about for so long.
  8. It's a battle bus if I've ever seen one, that's for sure.
  9. So straight from the Kawachi to the Ise then? It also seems that the Baltimore is getting locked into being an event-only vessel. Because that also makes sense.
  10. From Eielson AFB readiness exercise
  11. Readiness exercise featuring F-35s, F-16s, and KC-135s at Eielson AFB in Alaska
  12. I wondered if it was a matter of manufacturing something domestically, either of foreign license or native design, but I believe all the other AA systems used at the time were purchased directly from Russia. Worth noting that these (Strela, Osa, and Kub for example) are all missile systems though.
  13. Czech design of T-34 SPAAG armed with a 57mm cannon
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