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  1. Was a quip at the general appearance of both vehicles being very similar.
  2. Refitted Italian cruiser Giuseppe Garibaldi passing the sailing ship Amerigo Vespucci.
  3. Are you sure? The apparent size seems right for a 122mm. To me, it looks similar to the 2A18 on the 2S1 Gvozdika, but North Korea doesn't have any of those and the entire mounting is obviously different. I would think that the Norks might realize an 85mm gun might be a bit small for such a fire support vehicle by today's standards.
  4. What would be the rationale for using (buying or borrowing?) K9s in Korea over the M109s that are in use besides maybe some slight logistical ease? I wasn't aware of any interest by the US army of pursuing the K9 for any future use, not with the XM1299 in development.
  5. I forget, was the thing supposed to go ashore (near) there, or did it break away while being towed and beach itself?
  6. This seems to be the prototype of the system that would go on to become Goalkeeper and find use in the Dutch navy. I don't have much of anything else beyond that, but I suppose some digging into the history of Goalkeeper could give you more.
  7. Certainly doesn't seem like it at a glance, but if you look at a larger photo (see below), you can make out the gas holes in the barrel where the bore evacuator used to be. The number and position of 'rings' around the barrel also matches the 2a46. I imagine there's probably been plenty a derelict T-64/72/80 to pull one out of. Why it was inserted in place of the 122mm or 152mm, I'd say that's up to imagination.
  8. Very interesting camera position there. I'm assuming they managed to stick a Gopro or something and kept it stable on the probe there.
  9. "US Army scraps plan to compete in OMFV competition"
  10. More US troops (approximately 100) are headed to Syria and are bringing Bradleys to take the MRAP chicken games to the next level.
  11. B-17 testbeds with various turboprop engines mounted in their noses
  12. US troops being in Syria has definitely fallen off most everyone's radar here in the states. I recognize some of the reasons we're there still (official and otherwise), but it's been past time to leave in my opinion. This continual playing of chicken with trucks and MRAPs isn't doing anything good for either side. Best let it go before something bad happens.
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