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  1. I really would like to know what's going on with the two IRST systems. Did they go for a long-wave *and* a mid-wave sensor?
  2. I wish them a very interesting flight testing program
  3. Huh, when you own a website and are an administrator on the forum that you establish you can do anything you want who knew? fucking sorcery
  4. Stealth is one of those things where those who know can't tell and those who don't know don't even have the framework for understanding.
  5. Congratulations, it's only Monday and you win the prize for "most retarded thing I read on the internet this week"
  6. That's like saying that no one will ever try to shoot down a stealth aircraft because everyone knows how stealthy the aircraft is.
  7. Apologies for going back a ways. Also I'm new here, hiya. A minor corrective point: > The F35 used in the test was AF-2, which was using Block 2B software As a flight sciences aircraft, AF-02 doesn't have mission systems and is on a special block of very limited software known internally as 0.5 from which it will never substantially move up. The more relevant numbers would be whatever its Vehicle Systems software was, IIRC in those days it was something like version 30 point something (now they're on version 40+). So I guess you could say it had the 2B vehicle systems software, but saying it had 2B as a whole would be a little incorrect. Spot on otherwise.
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