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  1. Yeah, how many tigers and Panthers were lost for 3 Shermans again? So is Felton a boo?
  2. Those fins are not up to Pratt&Whitney standards, very chonk.
  3. Makes you wonder what other outrageous Nazi claims he believes? I bet he thinks Ruddell killed every tank he claimed too.
  4. Trusting Nazis is no way to get to the truth, numbnuts.
  5. Yeah, it makes you wonder if the pages of his Jentz books are stuck together. It would explain why he seems so ignorant, hard to read pages stuck together with...
  6. You have to wonder why it's so important to Delete, that these Nazi Propaganda victories be true, it's weird. Who white knights for the Nazis these days?
  7. Since he really admires Nazi technology so much, maybe he boned up on the only thing they were both technologically cutting edge on, and good at implementing. Mass Murder and the tools used to do it. It's easier to understand than a torque converter too!
  8. Imagine making yourself look this stupid over nazi tanks! Delete is so special.
  9. Maybe the hills of Korea were more extreme than what the Soviets used? It's an interesting question. Did the Marines lose any M26s to the well deck being flooded on the way to Korea?
  10. The whole powertrain, (transmission, differential and final drives) seems to have been overbuilt, or very well designed for its weight class. The powertrain changed very little through its life, and rarely seems problematic on tanks being restored. Most of the time, if it had fluid, remained sealed, and didn't take a round through it, they need little more than cosmetic attention when a Sherman is being restored. This includes the one installed in the M4A3E8 tank used as a bulldozer, to knock down a large section of Oakland California in the 60s. It needed pain job, and they changed the fluid,
  11. What's extra damning is the M4A4 does better tan the Panther! The Nazi could only dream of having a motor so complicated, yet reliable!
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