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  1. I have the premium Fletcher, and the destroyer right before it. Seems like Fleet is rarely busy though, when is a good time to play it? The big ships sure are pretty though http://www.theshermantank.com/wp-content/uploads/shot-2020.11.22-16.55.23.jpg
  2. Really enjoying the new War Thunder Patch. DLSS support they added works with my video card so the game looks great and runs a little better. The new effects are cool. I like the new Forrestal Carrier in the game! They also made it so the Garage shows the vehicle selected, and then two other vehicles from the preset in the background. The weather changes in the Garage too.
  3. Did they ever put the Classic Mechs like Archer, Warhawk and Marauder in? They were all in the original boxed games and I think the first PC game, but at some point licensing issues happened if I recall right.
  4. Is that like the AK versus AR debate in the gun world?
  5. Does the sap have to get deep inside you to kill or can skin contact get you?
  6. Nice thing about tanks, is you don't need an airbrush, and the weathering can be used to hide brush strokes in the paint. My best tip for brush painting, get good brushes, not cheap hobby-store stuff, go to an art-store, buy good brushes an actual painter would use. Tanks are big, rusty, beat up hunks of steel, so they should look a little sloppy.
  7. Did you guys have a crazy toilet paper shortage too?
  8. Arson was a big thing on Navy ships in the 60s, as was criminal negligence, I wonder what this will turn out to be.
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