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  1. Maybe they are going to bring in the fail tiger with the big gun/mortar?
  2. Maybe he's being typical Delete, and he's arguing it from the German side, because, they had shit for Naval Artillery, and their Strategic Bomber was a joke. Of course, Delete being a human brick, he probably thinks the German Navy was Amazing, and their strategic Bombers more advanced than the B-29... It's just so hard to tell with this guy.
  3. Was it a case of "This thing is such a pile of trash, we better not run it?"
  4. He might earn a little respect too, and anything would be better then the complete lack he has right now.
  5. He will not do this, because it would require effort on his part.
  6. Been messing around with the Gaijin War Thunderish FPS called Enlisted, its in Beta. Surprisingly fun. Kinda gives me BF2 vibes, but has a squad mode where you have a bunch of dudes to order around and you can jump into any of them at any time. So you can have infantry squads, and if you want to snipe, you jump to the sniper, if he is still alive. Want to charge a room, switch to a guy with an SMG.
  7. Yeah, it so bad, even Delete can't spin it as a win...
  8. Yeah, how many tigers and Panthers were lost for 3 Shermans again? So is Felton a boo?
  9. Those fins are not up to Pratt&Whitney standards, very chonk.
  10. Makes you wonder what other outrageous Nazi claims he believes? I bet he thinks Ruddell killed every tank he claimed too.
  11. Trusting Nazis is no way to get to the truth, numbnuts.
  12. Yeah, it makes you wonder if the pages of his Jentz books are stuck together. It would explain why he seems so ignorant, hard to read pages stuck together with...
  13. You have to wonder why it's so important to Delete, that these Nazi Propaganda victories be true, it's weird. Who white knights for the Nazis these days?
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