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  1. The reliability problems with the Pershing were solved fairly fast from what I've read, and the tanks on the Zebra Mission are not all that different than the ones that served in Korea. The only big item I can think of is the final drive housing braces. The longstanding problem that was never worked out was a bad driver could cause fan belts to pop off. US standards for reliability were so far ahead of the Germans, the M26 would have been considered almost impossibly reliable to them.
  2. Go fuck yourself. If you think pointing out the Nazi Germans were only truly good at one thing, and that one thing was Mass Murder, has anything to do with politics, you're a strait up Nazi Apologist. Politics and Mass murder are not supposed to mix unless you're a Nazi asshole or a commie. And real smart argument you fucking twat, "hey look, if your going to bring up war crimes about my favorite war time powers, the Nazi, I'll totally own you by bringing up Soviet Atrocities". Here's a clue, no one here admires to soviet union or their war crimes. A few of us
  3. Even this stuff is overblown. Yeah the 262, made it into service, it was trash, and the P-80 and Meteor were better. Granted the P-80 didn't see combat, but that's because the US was taking its time testing it. The Germans put their trash into the sky as soon as it was viable, because they were desperate. They had the Fritz-X we had the BAT. The STG-44 was not very good, was issued with a single magazine and there was a shortage, making it kind of useless. The AK was not based on it. Even so, I guess we can give them a little kudos here for producing a
  4. You sure are sure of yourself for someone who admits to being ignorant. Nearly everything. Do you run around acting like an expert while being an ignorant twat on other subjects? It's mind boggling, or maybe we've just not had an actual boo around here in a while. Between the Panther post on Walt's page, and the other thread here about the Panther, there really is very little excuse for this level of ignorance.
  5. WOW PANTHER WAY BETTE..... Wait, a boo can't read an Armor chart, who would have known. LOL
  6. The Ford GAA was so advanced and amazing, the Germans who saw it probably thought space aliens produced it. 1100 cubic inch, all aluminum, 4 valve per cylinder, overhead cam motor, in 1942 was AMAZING technology. And the GAA didn't need to be detuned to be reliable. If the Army had been interested in water cooled motors, they could have gotten much more horsepower out of it too. The Panthers crappy engine had to be detuned to be even remotely reliable.
  7. That's better than a whole new country, with crews with no skill. Of course that assuming you've done the British stuff. I've gotten to 6.7 ish.
  8. And look at how many of the sources for Walt's post are from Jentz, the Lord God of the boos!
  9. You're just making stuff up. LOL "radically" different Shermans still interchanged most parts, and the US Army used the M4 and M4A1 until the A3 came along and the M4 and M4A1 are the same tank. Why don't you provide a source for these amazing takes of yours. Did you read up on the T2O series, so you can see how bad your other argument was? You're arguments are such trash, you're trolling us right?
  10. Dude, that's a really dumb argument, they eventually fixed the T-34 and even made it better. The Panther was such trash, it wasn't fixable, kind of like your argument.
  11. Jesus, what did they do to they damn thing to make it that heavy after removing the turret and gun, and I assume the retarded turret drive?
  12. what was the operational weight of a Panther G, and Bergpanther?
  13. Yeah, the mechanical limit of the gun, usually established on a fixed test mount on a range. The M3 Gun was also 20 RPM, but the recoil mechanism did not fail after a short number of rounds like the Panthers gun.
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