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  1. AFAIK, 35 mm AHEAD on the Oerlikon millenium are already quite anaemic and it need to compensate with a burst rate of fire of 1000 rds/min. So while airburst ammunition exist for calibres as small as 20 mm their charge isn't particularly effective as far as I know (which is admittedly not much on such small calibres)
  2. Appart from the 40mm CTA, none that I can think off. To be even remotely useful it would need to be at least a 35mm in order to have some kind of programmable ammunition. It is likely that it is at least a 12,7 mm like on the Leclerc, high caliber coax have been a constant on french MBT designs since the AMX 30. That said since the turret is likely unmanned, the problem of ammunition capacity that existed on the AMX 30 may not be a problem anymore (you could just store the ammo externally). But on the other hand limiting the caliber to 20-25 mm exclude the use of pro
  3. Not sure either, the RCWS should be a 7,62 and the coax looks a bit big for an HMG. Given that the French have history with coax autocannon I guess it could be possible.
  4. Some artist models on the French vision for the MGCS : Three different versions: Canon which shows a large caliber coax which seem to have en independent elevation (so back to the AMX-30) C² : Command and Control which seem to have a 40mm Missile: Same autocanon as a secondary than the canon version, 6 missiles ready and no RCWS Found on a video from DGA: https://scorpion-future.fr/ Not much change from previous drawings:
  5. DGA put out a website on Scorpion, as well as all the subsytems and technology in it and it's replacement (Titan). If you click on one of the title on top of the video it'll make a list of the projects and systems related to it appear. Clicking on one of them will make more informations appear below the main video. https://scorpion-future.fr/ The video can't be embed, and I couldn't find it on youtube but made some screenshot: MAC and VBAE: Some impressions of the MGCS according to the French vision:
  6. Quatari air force: Video: http://www.opex360.com/2020/12/17/le-qatar-a-mobilise-presque-tous-ses-avions-rafale-dans-un-exercice-de-type-elephant-walk/
  7. 70 000-75 000 t 285-295 m lenght 2x K22 reactors (220 MW thermal) : 80 MW for propulsion (spread on 3-4 shafts) 110 MW total (?) Max speed of 26-27 knt (same as CdG) Air wing: 32 naval-NGF ; 2-3 E-2D Hawkeyes ; unspecified number of UCAV : Air wing is about the same size than the one of the CdG but the NGF is projected to be a much bigger aircraft than the Rafale to the point that it was what determined the size of the carrier. 2 lifts (40 t) Three EM catapults (90 m long) Crew of about 2000 (same than on CdG) SeaFire radar PAAMS Aster for
  8. And the vision of Naval Group (in charge of the design study). Edit: More pics from different angles in this thread:
  9. Somehow missed this: General Atomics - EMS (which will supply the EMALS for the carrier) view of the next French CVN based on their exchanges and requests from the French side. The image was published in Cols Bleus of December (which is the official magazine of the Navy) to officially announce that EMALS were chosen over steam catapults (not that it was much of a surprise). https://lefauteuildecolbert.blogspot.com/2020/12/pang-annonce-du-8-decembre-2020.html http://www.opex360.com/2020/12/05/la-marine-nationale-leve-un-coin-du-voile-sur-le-porte-avi
  10. Suffren testing its DDS (Dry Dock Shelter) https://www.meretmarine.com/fr/content/le-sna-suffren-teste-son-module-dds-concu-pour-les-nageurs-de-combat The DDS will be used to store the PSM3G for combat diver as well as submersibles drones in the future.
  11. Though as one comment on twitter said, it seem to be pretty close to the old Thales Shark APS and Rhm ADS (I don't remember if there was some sort of cooperation on those two though): https://defense-update.com/20100612_shark_aps.html
  12. SNA Emeraude and BSAM Seine at Guam after a stopover at Perth (Australia): http://www.opex360.com/2020/11/30/le-sous-marin-nucleaire-dattaque-emeraude-fait-escale-a-la-base-navale-americaine-de-guam/
  13. EMBT nothing, and we probably won't hear anything else about it, the market for second-hand and/or upgraded Leopard 2 is still going strong and the EMBT makes little sense from an economical standpoint. Ultimately it was just a project to show that Nexter and KMW were playing nice together, but Rheinmetal has created big waves by saying that they intend to take control of KMW and by extension of the MGCS program (which the French side was not exactly happy with). On the MGCS the last new I saw was mid october to say that 200 millions € would be engaged in 2021 to produce 14 Ma
  14. MHT (long range version of the MMP) selected to replace the Hellfire 2 on the French Tiger Mk3: https://forcesoperations.com/le-missile-mht-de-mbda-retenu-pour-armer-les-tigre-de-lalat/
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