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  1. Some consider the K2, Type 90 and Type 10 as "western" If not geographically rather in design philosophy. (That and various prototype that never entered service, or some early cold war vehicles)
  2. It's unlikely that Poland have any kind of ban on DU. I don't know how polish citizens view nuclear power but their government and science community have always been pro-nuclear. Right now Poland rely largely on coal to produce it's electricity. Nuclear energy was viewed has a viable alternative to supply the growing needs of the country and there was quite a lot of cooperation with France on the industrial, scientifical and institutional fronts (cooperation which has considerably soured since the PiS got the majority in 2015). DU being a by-product of nuclear industry if they are for the later, they won't have a problem with the former. I don't know what is the opinion of the current polish government on nuclear energy, but it is unlikely that it has changed.
  3. Arquus presented an hybrid powerpack for the Griffon 150 kW electric coupled with a 400 hp (~300 kW)thermal engine. Based on civilian components, they think they can have an operational hybrid Griffon by 2025. They also presented solar panels to be affixed on various vehicles. Those panels are not meant to be one of the power source in combat condition but rather to optimize battery life for vehicle in long time storage or during long idle time in missions. A more realistic use of solar panels than using them in combat conditions, but if it's for storage or for long idle time, might as well use dedicated infrastructure/modules than just fixing the panels on the vehicles. http://www.opex360.com/2021/07/11/arquus-a-presente-un-groupe-motopropulseur-hybride-pour-le-vehicule-blinde-griffon/
  4. That's the Arquus' Scarabée : One of the two major candidate to replace the VBL (VBAE program) in the French army (the other being the Thales' Hawkey). For now the Scarabée is the favorite thanks to it's hybrid drive allowing it go silent for a short time (which will most likely be a requirement for the future VBAE). The trailer on the picture could be additional batteries to extend it's time in silent running.
  5. I passed on Battlefield 1 and V but the new one look interesting (kind of an up to date version of Battlefield 4).
  6. For now yes, and even then it's not even exactly the same than the British one. As I understood it, while France took the system that was developed as a whole, the UK choose to swap out a few subsystems to better suit their requirements (notably the feeding system) which caused a lot of integration problems.
  7. QE and CdG during the Gallic strike exercise (from Naval News)
  8. B-52H and Rafales over Paris : http://www.opex360.com/2021/06/02/un-bombardier-americain-b-52h-stratofortress-a-survole-paris/
  9. There was also the AMX 30 Au F1 developed in the early 70s as well (first prototype in 1972 and in service in 1979) . 42 rounds stowed at 6 rpm Though it use a 155 mm L39 gun, and I don't think there is any intention to modernize them any further. As of 2019 there is only 32 left of them in reserve IIRC. There is very little details on how the autoloader work and the only footage I have ever seen of it is only a few seconds long (from 0:48) :
  10. Probably a private endeavour. That being said, Texelis powertrains already equip various wheeled vehicles in the army (VBCI, VLRA) and they won the contract for the VBMR light (Serval) in cooperation with Nexter. On top of that the program for the replacement of the VBL is coming up (VBAE) and the VLRA trucks should starting to be replaced by 2022 (nothing official as of yet). So there is going to be a lot of relatively light weight (5-20 t) wheeled vehicles entering service in the next few years.
  11. Not in what I have, but I don't have much anyway. I did search the internet in french to see if anything would pop up. Found a few photos, but quality isn't great and neither are the angles : Cutaway from this site : This drawing you most likely already know : And a cutaway of what looks like to be a real missile (might be the most interesting one for you) :
  12. I just hope that once the German federal elections are over, the Bundestag will stop to mess with both the MGCS and the FCAS simply because of internal politics. Those programs are more important than that... Heck even when the industrials manage to find a new agreement to make room for a new partner, they can't even be bothered to secure funding for said agreement Edit: I don't usually link to Sputnik news but for once they made an adequate summary of the clusterfuck from the French PoV
  13. First test launch of an MMP from a Jaguar EBRC : https://www.edrmagazine.eu/first-firing-of-mmp-from-a-jaguar-armoured-vehicle
  14. During a test launch, a Kalibr cruise missile crashed only a few dozens meters away from the frigates launching it (no apparent damage on the ship luckily). Launch was recorded in video, if anything it is impressive to watch: https://sputniknews.com/military/202104291082765182-watch-kalibr-cruise-missile-spirals-out-of-control-in-test-by-russias-marshal-shaposhnikov-warship/
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