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  1. This seemingly confirms the rumors on engine power. I've heard that the existing cooling can't handle uprating and for whatever reason they aren't modifying the CR3 with the omani/titan/trojan style enlarged cooling.
  2. The Greek ones were all new built right? Is it only on converted turrets?
  3. Also trophy's reload system takes up a lot of space and that poor bradley turret already looks like a horder house.
  4. images of the model, including a new lower front plate module: Doesn't have the turret add-ons or ufp add-on we've seen elsewhere but I think they might be similar to the upper level of this lfp module.
  5. Also a picture of the CR3 model is going around. Shows what looks like applique armour on the turret and UFP, as well as LWRs on the front corners. Also looks like there is a stowage bin on the roof next to the gunner's sight, though hard to say with so few pixels.
  6. This does theoretically allow them to order tracked boxers and have a common wheeled/tracked artillery system, should the tracked boxer make it to production.
  7. https://www.army.mod.uk/news-and-events/news/2024/04/british-army-s-most-lethal-tank-prototype-rolls-off-production-line?utm_source=BritishArmy_X&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=Modernisation
  8. 10x10s are back on the menu boys. They made one up with the RCH-155.
  9. Good view of the UFP pack: And looks like this one has the roof applique roughed in, but empty (maybe its just spaced once again).
  10. This is attributing things to this document that it cannot say, while ignoring what it does say. This document was rather popular on the war thunder forums among people looking for sources for buffs they wanted, instead of evaluating the document for what it is. "In this quick study" Not a roadmap of planned changes, a study of potential improvements to the platform. That there is a II and III and that the dates are similar does not really prove anything except that they spaced them out in roughly 3 year intervals. I cannot remember if there are additional pages but this makes no mention of TOGS. The Glacis protection could not be improved to that degree without obvious visual changes (i.e.: thicker, way thicker) and we have later documents that peg it at ~300mm KE (350mm with the gulf war applique). The new gun would not happen until Challenger 2, same with the free gunner's sight and transmission improvements. I'm not entirely sure on the date of the document but it predates Mk.1 service (1983). You can infer this based on the wording regarding the OE ammo (L23A1) being in service in 1982, meaning the document is likely 1981 or earlier. Note L23A1 and L26A1 were already in development at this point, so predicting their service dates really just means that they managed to stay on schedule (though L26A1 would not be fielded until the gulf war). This document is a fun read, and points to how early back they were aware of Challenger 1 short comings that would be remedied on Challenger 2, but it has zero bearing on what actually did happen.
  11. This document really needs to die. It is not talking about the Mk.2. It is talking about potential major upgrades to the challenger program. Some of these ideas eventually found their way into the CR2 but none were applied to the CR1.
  12. https://vxtwitter.com/nicholadrummond/status/1749478595796381994?s=46&t=VskD77pvFSopBzS65us6aA First pic of a CR3 prototype. Upper glacis seems thicker but no massive change in geometry.
  13. At a certain point in tank development you have a design freeze. CR2's ISD was 1998 but deliveries started in 1994, the 4 year delay was down to reliability and quality issues. That means it's exceedingly likely that the internal armour composition was finalized and frozen prior to 1994 by a year or so, if not more.
  14. Gaijin actually posted some images of a detail I've never noticed before which is there are two bolts running though the mantlet envelopes similar to the ones the challenger 1/2 use to mount their composites, which would align with the leaked description of the envelopes having some sort of array.
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