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  1. For reference, other turret weights: 105 mm M1 -> 19,1 metric tons. Arjun Mk1 -> 17,5 metric tons Leclerc S1 -> 18,5 metric tons
  2. Does anyone have a clue about the K2 front hull profile design ? I am trying to figure out the geometry, but I have not been able to find anything on it. Any feedback would be appreciated!
  3. From the Rumor Mill: - Frontal Hull protection The same Publicly Stated to be. 614MM against KE 1513 Against HEAT - Protection between the two...... Frontal Turret: K2 and Altay have the same Frontal Protection... According to hyundai Rotem the K2 Completely Stopped the A M829A2 (760MM pen at 2 KM) And Dm63 (780MM at 2km) at point blank with a Extra 150 MM untouched. Meaning 910 MM Front
  4. Yes, I still have it. I am looking at the images now. It is difficult to see with certainty. I will keep looking. Maybe you can find a specific image or diagram that will confirm more clearly.
  5. That's ok. Constructive feedback is good. You mean the special armor block in front of the gunner's sight has been thickened on the S2 ?
  6. Thank you for the feedback. I used a variety of sources, including Nexter/GIAT drawings of a Leclerc UAE hybrid and plenty of reference images to generate the models: As well as image references and Dark Labor's work:
  7. Is there more of this that deals with the turret front and hull front ?
  8. Thank you all for your feedback ! I have talked to three other people familiar with armor and they have never heard of it. I will try to get to the bottom of this "mystery" steel (system). I am getting the impression that this might be another case of "AMX-56" !
  9. Not sure if posted already but i think this might supposed to be a BMP variant:
  10. Hello Everyone, I was wondering, does anyone know of this mystery steel system called "triple hardness steel" ? I was trying to find information on it like layout and hardness (BHN or VHN) but i could not find anything concrete on it anywhere. Although it gets mentioned in the AFV community fairly regularly, I can not find it anywhere. If anyone knows, please share it. Thanks in advance !
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