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  1. https://www.kmweg.de/news-media/presse/detail/kmw-mit-der-einruestung-des-schutzsystems-trophy-fuer-den-deutschen-leopard-2-beauftragt/
  2. So somehow it is okay to complain about initial design/components issues of tanks you don't like and bash them all you want, but not to hold other tanks up to the same standard. Okay I brought the objections to the A57 up again, because I was asked to... but next time I will simply make only an original statement and not provide any further clarification or replies when asked again.
  3. It is an interessting vehicle concept, but I'm not so sure on the COTS/MOTS parts. Valhalla Turrets hasn't much experience and the selected turret (unmanned, but with a channel for the soldiers to observe/operate over the hatch) has AFAIK not yet been made. However at the current stage LuWa has only been ordered as a technology demonstrator, so hopefully any immaturities will be detected and fixed before it enters service. As far as I am aware, the requirement for the LuWa is/was that at least one signle vehicle has to fit into the CH-53G, there was/is no requirement to transport t
  4. Artist's impression of the LuWa demonstrator (Wiesel 1 replacement), armed with a 27 mm autocannon. Yes, but not necessarily by intention, but often out of the need to push anything into service, as there wasn't enough production capacity to deal with the US and Soviet mass production. Operation Barbarossa was based on a gamble, but the Soviet relocation of production capabilities to the east lead to a failure. Germany wasn't tooled for a long war were production capacity was the deciding factor and hence lost (and for numerous other reasons) when it became more and more importa
  5. Oh, damn. I must have been thinking of the Tiger then. Still the loader had a hatch; the one in the back of the turret. Earlier tanks often had none for the loader. This is based on Peter Samsonov's Tank Archives blog, in which he posted various summaries, snipplets and translation of documents taken from the Soviet archives. There are multiple articles on the lend-lease Sherman; in regards to the M4A4 variant of the Sherman there are aspects mentioned in multiple articles but the short summary is here. There is also an article describing the visit of a Soviet officer to the Chr
  6. I really don't like these kind of questionable discussions on World War 2 tanks, specifically not those bashing topics and "what if" scenarios with any set number of requirements and realistic look at the constraint and different doctrines. "Germany simply should have build more PzKpfW IV with sloped armor or more StuG IIIs!" is a useless statement and doesn't work. All this bashing of American/British/French/German/Soviet tanks using criteria from the respective other parties or modern day is silly. Obviously an American report will complain about the gunner/loader in other tanks not having e
  7. Possibly related to the ERA from Dynamit Nobel Defence (as the company is owned by Rafael):
  8. Before I'll start ranting about WW2 tanks and why using different/modern standards to judge them might not make much sense, here are a few more recent news from IAV 2021: HiMoLaP all-terrain vehicle developed by FFG; apparently this is not the Wiesel 1 replacement, but a testbed meant for the multi-national Bv206 replacement. Slide showing the PMMC G5:
  9. It also would have higher multi-hit capability.
  10. DHA and THA was developed in the 1970s/1980s in order to improved TE against KE rounds. Reactive armor is not a suitable alternative in that role. Given that there are standards (e.g. MIL-A-46099C for DHA) for such steel, it is very likely that it has been adopted in some shape or form in certain applications.
  11. Iron Fist seems pretty integrated in that picture...
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