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  1. Flensburg is a border town and there are a lot of cultural and sociological interchanges with Denmark; it is a German city though. In Germany you will also find lots of people considering border towns in neighbour countries (Austria, France, the Netherlands, etc.) to be essentially German, because a lot of Germans work there and a lot of culture is shared (in case of the 91-years-old woman who lives next to the house I grew up in, even Breslau/Wrocław is German, but she has other reasons for saying that...). To suggest that the PMMC G5 was rated higher than the CV90 Armadillo and t
  2. FFG is a German company and has a much larger footprint in Germany than Denmark. The only reason why FFG started developing upgrades for the M113 (which then lead to the PMMC G5 design) was a Bundeswehr program.
  3. That is not the case. The 55 caliber barrel was originally selected in Germany for its size (larger guns becoming unwieldly) and because it met the desired performance. The 130 mm L/51 and 140 mm L/48 guns (incl. muzzle brake) have the same effective barrel length. It is possible to make a L/60 or L/70 gun and still keep decent efficiency (while gaining considerable performance), it just is harder to integrate such a gun into an existing turret/turret ring diameter.
  4. An interesting tidbid from FFG's website is the statement, that the PMMC G5 was considered the best tracked APC in the Danish trials (so better than the ASCOD and CV90 Armadillo). Was the Armadillo offered to the Norwegian Army for the ACSV program?
  5. Well, lets hope they can produce an actual demonstrator in a more timely fashion than the CTA gun...
  6. The 15% figure has been quoted for the change from L/44 to L/55 barrel retaining the same ammunition. Muzzle energy is 12.8 MJ for DM53 fired with the L/55 gun. For the L/55A1 gun firing the KE 2020 Neo round, a 20% increase in performance has been projected - leading to 15.36 MJ muzzle energy. At the current time, this remains speculation. Nexter has not revealed any specific details regarding the ASCALON concept, not even the caliber/bore diameter (Jon Hawkes initially tweeted that it would be a 140 mm gun, but he later corrected this claim). As
  7. The recoil length is 340 mm for the L/44 and L/55 guns with a hard stop at 380 mm. Only the L/47 LLR (light low-recoil) has a recoil length of 500 mm.
  8. It is risky to fit the turret that failed to perform (reliably) on Warrior to the Boxer.
  9. Spike in general has problems. High dud rates even years after initial adoption. I doubt that. There is nothing hidden about Iron Fist's capabilities - two launchers each with two ready-to-fire rounds each. Weight, elevation angle, slew rates, energy consumption etc. all has been published. The integration of Iron Fist on Redback results iin a reduction of overlapping coverage, but then again the turret roof is less cluttered. One could speculate that no video footage from the Iron Fist tests was released, because the result of these tests are classified. But
  10. Those videos have the fishy look of being sped up...
  11. https://web.archive.org/web/20070625000343/http://www.redstone.army.mil/history/pdf/shill/shillelagh.pdf
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