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  1. I lurked the forum for quite some time by now, but quite honestly i've read some things here about the current modernization of the T-72s in Poland, that i need to write something. This "modernization" or maybe more accurately modification and restoration to usable standard isn't slightly comparable to T-72B3, the B3 is a cheap modernization of an already much better tank than than Polish T-72Ms or M1s that are at best comparable to the T-72A and that's only in case of M1s. It isn't clear if a thermal imager will be installed, rumors going around this farce of a modernization say they will on
  2. Did not saw this around and maybe someone would want to see it. M1 CATTB test report https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZpFPmZdsAjyoZRwfR84VcEaosyMCK5SW/view?usp=sharing
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