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  1. New video from PGZ showing some of their VSHORAD systems (Poprad and Pilica being already in service). https://twitter.com/PGZ_pl/status/1428991771355320330?s=20
  2. The tanks of the Polish Armed Forces are not the most modern ones, I have to agree with that, yet they are still adequate for our needs. And of course, Abrams is a superb vehicle. In itself it is not a "bad buy", but when put into perspective, it's pretty clear that it doesn't necessarily correspond to our needs. Our mechanized forces are using the BMP-1 IFV, air defence is compromised of SA-3, SA-6, SA-8 and SA-5, and the Navy is also in a dire situation with only two "Perry" frigates being, in theory, able to provide some other air defence than 23mm guns and MANPADs. In the aforementioned sectors, the acquisition of new equipment and systems is already delayed, and with additional money being spent on Abrams, it seems we will have to delay programs such as "Narew" - new AD, "Miecznik" - new frigates, even further. At the same time we just recently started to refurbish and modify our old T-72M/M1 to a new M1R variant, and although modernization of Leo2A4 is moving rather slowly, it is still something. So yes, Abrams is a great tank but the whole acquisition comes completely out of the blue. Lastly, with the acquisition of Abrams, the prospects for our tank production sector is dim, to say the least, as currently, there is no information about the participation of Polish industry in the process of maintenance not even mentioning production. This is sad as we exported our last tanks only 14 years ago and still have necessarily capabilities, no to build a great vehicle of course, but a good enough one.
  3. With all due respect, I cannot agree. Taking into account the current state of the Polish Navy, mechanized force or even air defence, I would argue that in those sectors, Poland has many more pressing issues. The acquisition of Abrams tanks, or any other tank, is not the most needed one right now. To put it simply, Poland does not require additional tanks, not in the first place at least. The whole situation is also rather unexpected, especially if we were to look upon the current "technical modernization plan", in which the "Wilk" program - new MBT, is meant to be procured after 2025.
  4. Well, it is now official; https://www.gov.pl/web/obrona-narodowa/czolgi-abrams-dla-sil-zbrojnych-rp. Poland will acquire M1A2 Sepv3. Abrams tanks, more information is to be given by the Minister of National Defence, tomorrow morning. I wasn't sure if this info should be posted here or in the "United States Military Vehicle General: Guns, G*vins, and Gas Turbines" thread.
  5. If anyone is interested in reading the original text, on which the DefenseNews invokes, it can be found here: https://wiadomosci.gazeta.pl/wiadomosci/7,114883,27291593,bez-planu-bez-trybu-ale-z-usa-szykuje-sie-kolejny-zakup-na.html
  6. @TINDALOS the inscription on the rocket says "MAKIETA", which in Polish means "MODEL/MOCKUP". The actual name of the ATGM is "Pirat" - "Pirate", and it is based on the RK-3, with the main differences lying in the internal components and guidance. Here is a good summary of the ATGM, although it is written in polish.
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