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  1. Rheinmetall confirms it’s BAFO.
  2. Ha! The Iron Fist integration test does seem to use a M113 hull.
  3. With the conclusion of the RMA field piece on 8 October, Hanwha has released a wrap up video. They’re sticking to their perceived strengths: demonstrated Iron Fist & Spike LR2 integration. Would like to see Rheinmetall release something similar.
  4. Sounds like it’s been quite the journey to mature Iron Fist on Bradley. https://www.defensenews.com/land/2021/10/12/after-pumping-the-brakes-army-moves-to-field-iron-fist-protection-system-on-bradley/
  5. Related to the previous discussion of Iron Fist: ”The Army has encountered technical problems and funding gaps in its effort to field an active protection system on the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle — but service officials say they’re now moving forward. The Iron Fist system has completed the majority of required testing, Brig. Gen. Glenn Dean, the program executive officer for Army ground combat systems, told Defense News.” https://www.defensenews.com/land/2021/10/12/after-pumping-the-brakes-army-moves-to-field-iron-fist-protection-system-on-bradley/
  6. As a temporary measure until the turret motor is replaced with the upgraded model.
  7. The “Best & Final Offers” (BAFO) for both Hanwha’s & Rheinmetall’s Phase 3 bids went in this last week. Another step on the journey.
  8. Manufacture of “major components” of the Mk30-2/ABM to be undertaken by Thales Lithgow. Hope Rheinmetall has their IP locked down!
  9. Worth understanding the basis of the US-UK nuclear technology sharing agreement from 1958: 1958 Mutual Agreement This more or less requires UK participation in any agreement by the US with a third party if it concerns nuclear submarine propulsion. Personally, I don’t see Astute or an Astute derivative in Australian service.
  10. More on the T-2000: https://asiapacificdefencereporter.com/eos-continues-to-build-sovereign-live-fire-test-capability/
  11. More images of the representative & somewhat agricultural CR3 Trophy fit.
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