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  1. Intellectual Property shenanigans between Thales & Madritsch about a trigger mechanism designed to overcome the unlocking of the 5.56mm bolt when an attached 40mm grenade launcher is fired. Paragraphs 6-19 describe the mechanism & the problem. https://archive.sclqld.org.au/qjudgment/2021/QSC21-170.pdf
  2. Upgraded Kuwaiti M1A2K fitted with Meggitt Defense Auxiliary Cooling & Power System. https://meggittdefense.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/ACPS.pdf
  3. Some detail on the hull faults on AJAX: - inconsistent lengths - hull sides not being parallel - substandard welding - etc
  4. Bovington’s collection expands.
  5. Lance 1.0 maturity continues to evolve. Still no mobile firing, still no firing of service 30mm ammunition.
  6. The USMC M1A1s were fitted with M257 66mm smoke dischargers (pretty sure not designed by Wegmann), so regardless of designer, the consumables weren’t compatible with Leopard 2 76mm systems.
  7. He was my lecturer for “Firepower & Protection” & has relocated to Australia. Good dude.
  8. Block 1 Boxer with Lance 1.0 turret cleared for static firing of practice 30mm natures as part of the introduction into service. Turret conversion continues. Photo credit: LAC Solomon & PTE Hilton.
  9. To quote Indiana Jones “It belongs in a museum!” Warrior trials vehicles disposed of.
  10. Unverified reports from the Czech trials describing the LF41’s (automotive) performance as “disastrous” citing “multiple pack failures” of the Liebherr engine. Anyone heard/seen anything to confirm or refute?
  11. Rheinmetall pushing the HX3 so that it minimises payments to external-to-Rheinmetall subcontractors. Boxer makes money for both Rheinmetall & KMW, HX3 makes money for Rheinmetall.
  12. Dutch seem happy with it. Speaking of underperforming, here’s some pics of Lance 1.0. First Australian Army turret conversion course. Pics: Private Jacob Hilton.
  13. Some renders of the AS21 for sim purposes.
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