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  1. More on the RNLA/Dutch CV9035NL MLU:
  2. Never (personally) had an issue with tracks tearing up roads. T130, Diehl 513, T150F: never damaged the roads I operated on, in Australia & overseas. Re. Dirt tracks, we’d normally parallel them if we thought we’d damage them by repeated traffic. We’d also road run Leopard AS1 (similar MLC as AS21/KF41) with no issues regarding damage. Can’t imagine composite rubber track would be any more aggressive than conventional track using rubber pads.
  3. More detail pics of the Redback. With Spike LR2. Can’t link the tweet.
  4. I believe they’re all being delivered to Victoria for the RMA. The Antanov appears to be en route Avalon.
  5. Yeah, tracking. The original ASLAV stuff used actual rebar. Inefficient weight-wise. It was also very vulnerable to damage due to it being overly rigid. Simply showing an alternative that’s current generation. Also, to quote the press release: “The vehicle boasts an advanced layered protection system including Elbit’s active protection system, Plasan’s world class armour and a structure designed to protect occupants from the effects of blast.”
  6. Indeed. Well, Plasan do business here, so why not?
  7. I reckon the co-ax & RWS guns would be GFx.
  8. Final Trophy system delivered to US, apparently. Looking forward to the DOT&E report on things APS.
  9. Don’t know about that. The mirror you refer to on the Redback looks angled to view where the front of the track comes into contact with the ground. Boxer’s camera, located midway up the glacis, can’t see that area. Boxer does have equivalent mirrors positioned to view the same area, albeit located outboard, rather than inboard. These are circled in the attached pic. Cheap & nasty? Seems pragmatic.
  10. Well aware of that. It’s literally Boxer ARN213083, the first Block 1 Boxer delivered to the Australian Army. Boxers are also fitted with wing mirrors, as appropriate. I’ve circled the mount for the mirrors in the pic below. ARN is 213084, pic taken at 2/14 QMI open day on 2019.
  11. Or, just maybe, “we don’t need a camera for the intended purpose that this hull would fulfil”, or “we’ll integrate it when it gets to where it’s going”? Just as when Rheinmetall ships production Boxer, a lot of the situational awareness sensors are stripped off. Seems smart to have scalable alternatives & redundancies in a complex system.
  12. Interesting, thanks. Not a fan of the Mk30-2 (if that wasn’t clear XD). A gas operated system in medium calibre is bonkers. Externally powered systems do have a distinct advantage insofar as they can continue to cycle to the next round if there’s a misfire.
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