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  1. As is, CR3 seems to be more of a “proof of concept” vehicle than even a pre-production prototype. Hopefully to refinement of this new turret goes smoother than WCSP & AJAX. At least the armament itself is mature.
  2. My understanding is that the current 59 M1A1 AIM SA will return to the US as the new tanks are delivered. The inclusions are pretty extensive, to the point of turnkey. Someone dug up some of the pre-work in US disclosures. Zoomed in: The $USD1.685b sticker price is the upper cost for what’s listed on the announcement.
  3. 27 degrees or 27% (15 degrees) gradient? If it’s a 27 degree gradient, that’s actually pretty good. Modern western AFV generally can do 60% (31 degrees), so 35 degrees (70%) is very, very good.
  4. By eyeball, I put the Soucy tracks on the Redback at 510-530mm wide. (Noting that this is 100% deductive reasoning/speculation) I think the hull roof height isn’t given as the in-arm suspension allows for variable ride height (though a notional overall height is given), with minimal hull intrusions. From the looks of it, the under hull protection on the Redback is *very* thick. With 125kW more engine output than the Leopard AS1, at a comparable combat weight, but better suspension, I’d like to see Redback do some proper cross-country work. Likely put the old Leopard AS1 to sh
  5. Good thread from ATDU on the WCSP cancellation. https://twitter.com/thepagey/status/1379927374263955464?s=21
  6. Different language, sure. Big difference?Maybe. Maybe not. Are APS integrated, fired, or both? Both a step up from “planned to be demonstrated” from RDA. HDA’s turret system integration seems to be ahead either way. But is it either by a nose, or a mile? It’d be interesting to see what, if any, Iron Fist integration from 400-2 bleeds across to -3. Also be very interested in whether the Eurospike joint venture includes Spike LR2 IP. The public domain literature only mentions Spike LR as MELLS, not LR2. If Lance has been tested with an ATGM (video request extant)
  7. I’d like to see the Iron Fist video, too. Perhaps the test was a multi-threat demonstration & the video would reveal too much of Iron Fist’s capabilities? I doubt we’ll ever know...unless the video is released. That said, with the seriousness of the RMA, I’m sceptical that they’re making ambit claims.
  8. “Planned to be demonstrated with both the Spike....and Iron Fist....through either live fire or....laboratory demonstrations.” Very carefully worded written responses to questions. No mention of Spike LR2. Any demonstrations - preferably on YouTube - of any kind of Spike LR being fired from an actual Lance turret? Or Iron Fist? Interested to see how Liebherr’s first foray into AFV power packs will fare, reliability-wise.
  9. Great update courtesy of DTR: https://defencetechnologyreview.partica.online/defence-technology-review/dtr-apr-2021/flipbook/11/
  10. Yes. The number has been six since 2018.
  11. The requirement on the RFT when released was six. It’s incorrect to say that “always has been”. Army Capability Requirement 2012 (ACR 2012 - the 2012 was the implementation date, not the drafting date) mandated the Standard Infantry Battalion, which was wholly dismounted. IFV would be held as battalion lift as a Squadron in the Brigade’s Armoured Cavalry Regiment. PMV would be held as a battalion lift as a company in the Brigade’s Combat Service Support Battalion. Why does this matter? SIB meant that all battalions were light infantry, with a section comprising two identi
  12. Apparently the Challenger 2 LEP contract has been signed.
  13. Somebody from the tender eval team couldn’t count the number of seats & seatbelts in the back of each vehicle? Given the sign has “tenderer’s claims” on it, it doesn’t seem either accurate or honest. Quite on-brand!
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