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  1. Not explicitly a Sherman question, but is there a good writeup on the wartime operations of Chrysler or Ford?
  2. There is no issue at all with fitting shock absorbers on Christie suspensions, the British put them in place of the guide rod in the center of the spring.
  3. I don't know why you think it was a nightmare to repair, replacement of springs was something that could be done at company repair workshops without much difficulty. As for taking up room inside the vehicle, the British actually praised this solution because it did not increase the height of the tank or require skirts like their own tanks had. Although the British always had a pretty complicated relationship with suspensions. Actually I wonder, there is nothing stopping one from making a tank with both interleaved road wheels and a Christie suspension...
  4. Speaking of M4A3s, I just learned that Dragon makes a 1:6 scale M4A3. One sixth! I don't think that will even fit on a bookshelf...
  5. Didn't they learn from Russia that nothing good can come from electing a dude named Boris?
  6. Found something mysterious: What is HECF? High Explosive Contact Fuse? Surely a 95 mm HE round doesn't go through 120 mm of armour.
  7. That one was 1/16th, this one is in 1/35th: Full album
  8. They talk a lot about the collapsible wire stock on the "German submachinegun", so it's probably the MP-40. Although maybe one could argue that the CIA started the rumour that the AK is a clone of the Stg.44
  9. I got drunk and stole everything from a dude's house, so far a quick reskin can make this into a passable 90s Russia simulator.
  10. The T-34 book seems to have been negatively received, a lot of people were making fun of the made up MS-2 and MS-3 tanks (I think they thought the MS-1 was the T-16?). How's the actual T-34 part of it?
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