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  1. Just a note on the Corsair wing tanks. They did not work well. They had a tendency to leak at the fold point. The pilots did not like them, even though they came with C/O2 purging system. The wing tanks were only found on the -1 and -1A birds. When they -1D went into production, they were eliminated, since it could carry up to three drop tanks. You would think instead of dropping them, they would have fixed the leaking problems, and given the the Corsair some extra range!
  2. Looks like a good Carrier, since it looks like a Nimitz! What's the projected displacement?
  3. So you could say, non gas operating systems, not electric, are retarded?!
  4. They changed the view system in Arcade? Not being able to sneak around is the worst aspect of Arcade.
  5. Whole German tree seems like easy mode when you play them. Yet German players still whine about them. In a recent battle, I was in a M4A2 76W tank, and had taken shelter inside a building to avoid air power, and once he was right outside, I drove through the all and shot him in the side. It made all the shit games for a week worth it lol. http://www.theshermantank.com/wp-content/uploads/shot-2020.11.29-14.56.40-1600x900.jpg http://www.theshermantank.com/wp-content/uploads/shot-2020.11.29-14.56.57-1600x900.jpg http://www.theshermantank.com/wp-content/uploads/shot-20
  6. I have some amazing screen shots too, lol! Yeah, I take special pleasure of hunting down the asshole wheeled German scouts and killing them. The one that kills me is the Wirblewind, I shouldn't have to fear a fucking AA gun from the front in my Pershing!
  7. That's how I feel any time I play anything above 6.3 RGB. I still enjoy 3.7 the most, and I couldn't play the game non-premium, it's already to much work to get to anything high end. I think part of it is the stupid crew skill mechanic. If you don't drop money on it getting crews skilled up takes forever, and does make a difference. A really big one in airplanes. Still, its better than WOT. It's also very pretty if you have a good system. My only goal other to just mess around was to get all the odd ball Shermans, and I'm almost to the M36B1, in the Italian Tree. That just
  8. I have the premium Fletcher, and the destroyer right before it. Seems like Fleet is rarely busy though, when is a good time to play it? The big ships sure are pretty though http://www.theshermantank.com/wp-content/uploads/shot-2020.11.22-16.55.23.jpg
  9. Really enjoying the new War Thunder Patch. DLSS support they added works with my video card so the game looks great and runs a little better. The new effects are cool. I like the new Forrestal Carrier in the game! They also made it so the Garage shows the vehicle selected, and then two other vehicles from the preset in the background. The weather changes in the Garage too.
  10. Did they ever put the Classic Mechs like Archer, Warhawk and Marauder in? They were all in the original boxed games and I think the first PC game, but at some point licensing issues happened if I recall right.
  11. Is that like the AK versus AR debate in the gun world?
  12. Does the sap have to get deep inside you to kill or can skin contact get you?
  13. Nice thing about tanks, is you don't need an airbrush, and the weathering can be used to hide brush strokes in the paint. My best tip for brush painting, get good brushes, not cheap hobby-store stuff, go to an art-store, buy good brushes an actual painter would use. Tanks are big, rusty, beat up hunks of steel, so they should look a little sloppy.
  14. Did you guys have a crazy toilet paper shortage too?
  15. Arson was a big thing on Navy ships in the 60s, as was criminal negligence, I wonder what this will turn out to be.
  16. While packing today, for tomorows move I came across a folder, and found a bunch of papers from when my Dad was in the Navy. It also had this photo from VF-121. 121 was the pacific fleet RAG, or the squadron that taught Phantom Pilots how to fly the fleet way, pilots would spend 3 to 6 months in the RAG before getting sent to a VF in a Carriers Air Wing. The Computer and Scanner are still hooked up so I scanned it. My dad is the on in glasses right below the left lower star point, in the second row from the front.
  17. Cool galleries. It always strikes me how much German stuff looks like garbage. Even stuff like the 262 looks barely above Madmax level craftsmanship.
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