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  1. Someone made a book about WWII bombing campaigns Maybe I should try taking off with tailwinds next time...
  2. Name change request: 'Spoonfeed'
  3. LMK if anyone wants dick pics -not pierre sprey
  4. Hi, this is definitely not pierre sprey F35 sucks and our next gen aircraft should have been turbojet retrofitted p51s. F16 should have never had radar. The future of air combat is WVR gun fighting -not pierre sprey
  5. EYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY *Insert crude photoshop of a manly corncob shedding a manly tear* Also would have thought our direct southern neighbor Misery would have been lowest on the list
  6. Yeah, well when your battlefield doctrine is 'we will win because we are the ubermensch' you don't consider things like making sure identical parts from different factories are actually interchangeable
  7. 2 pages of cool discourse, and then 5 pages of word vomit broken up only by a cool picture of a cam timing abomination Neato Did German fighters have trim? WT sim doesn't seem to think so. Half a plane's performance is pilot interface but it'd fit their track record Edit: Also I realized some time last night that it doesn't have valves or true cams
  8. With my comp spending a ton of resources on updating I can finally read loading screen quotes from HoI4 "No enemy bomber can reach the Ruhr. If one reaches the Ruhr, my name is not Göring. You may call me Meyer." -Hermann Mayer
  9. There's not a whole lot of surviving documentation on WWI aircraft, but supposing the Fokker Dr.1 represents engine horsepower (at 110HP as one source cites) of WWI aviation engines in general, I'd guess the biggest issue would be cooling. Advances in engine design, engineering processes, and material technology allowed rated power on engines to soar by the time we reached WWII. While it's possible to dump more fuel and air at once into larger and more numerous cylinders, thermodynamics aren't on vacation and you need to dump the waste heat overboard if you don't want your pistons to take a forever break. The Wright 1820 which saw use on B17s developed something like 700 rated HP depending on your model. I'm not sure waste heat scales linearly to HP but it seems intuitive to say it should, and at any rate that's a lot more waste heat than you saw in WWI planes in which could probably get by on a single cooling intake for both engines without a huge increase in front profile. So the issue for me seems to be that you just need more space in your frontal profile for cooling, which is made easy by having a full pod for each engine. There are some ways to mitigate cylinder heat, like running rich of peak and having oil coolers, but you can only mess with your F/A ratio so much before your engine can't burn fuel anymore, and oil coolers still take up some of your front profile so you're still canceling out some of your lift to cool the oil. Some other things could have had an impact as well; assuming your design doesn't have the crank running through the rear of the engine so that both propellers are powered by the same engine (which means you've lost the HP of an extra engine), you need more engines, and more cylinders means the engines need more cooling air. You could run ducting for ram air into the nacelle , but that means a bigger nacelle, which probably already got bigger when you stuffed the second engine into it. Push engines in push pull configurations already lose some efficiency from operating in the disturbed airstream from the puller props, and the efficiency you gained by losing an engine pod is rapidly being reclaimed by the inescapable tendency of this world to hate fun. I'm not sure where the lines cross and whether you've gained or lost efficiency, but I'd guess the complexity you add to the system makes it easier, if not more efficient to just make the thing with four nacelles after the previous downsides have already been added up. A few other possibilities; a lot of WWII bombers were conventional geared and their props already came fairly close to the ground; with the pusher props located behind the pullers, there could have been some risk for prop strikes, which would probably be the easiest engineering hurdle to fix. The mounting points would have had to have been reinforced to probably slightly less than twice their original strength to hold the new engine and all of its accessories, which may have been too much put at one location on a spar with WWII engineering (decent chance that this is bullshit!). Of course the easiest answer is that push pulls were unconventional and they may not have wanted to push something untested into production when the convention was already well tested.
  10. That's some pretty absurd semantics to claim that 'the' doesn't exist in Scandinavian languages because it appears at the end of a noun instead of as a separate article "Bilen" translates more or less perfectly to "the car" in English, and the pattern fits for about anything else you "noun-en"/"noun-et", and the exceptions prove the rule; it's the reason that "noun-en" is taught to mean "the noun" Icelandic distinguishes the indefinite article by context, in which case it almost makes sense to say that it doesn't have a definite article except "maðurinn" still translates to "the man" Like let's not reinvent Wittgensteinian linguistics because it's pointless, a beetle is a beetle, alright?
  11. Coworker is retarded "they're lucky he was using an AR, since it was a wounding weapon instead of a gun like the M1"
  12. Video post, to be expanded incrementally as I determine the order of interestingness
  13. Here is the full album for the pictures I took at the airshow that I never ended up uploading Stand by while I figure out how to upload the videos
  14. The place where Snowden died I haven't gotten around to organizing pictures from the air show but this plane was pretty sweet so I figured I'd put up at least one. I suspect everyone can guess what it is As ever I don't own a real camera so sorry guys
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