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  1. I note that the Redback with cage armor seems to be sporting the mooted exhaust management system..? EDIT: Kal beat me to it!
  2. F35A soon to sport Swiss roundels..?
  3. Another good overview
  4. Great post, thanks for the overview. I suspect the real test of Pantsir would be how it performed as part of a modern IADS - for example when acting as point defense for a HIMAD asset like S400. So far we only seem to see it used in isolation, leaving it more vulnerable to being picked off peacemeal...
  5. There definitely seems to be a pattern here. Is it just that top heavy? I find it really hard to get a balanced take on Pantsir - Russian sources seem to sell it as the greatest thing ever to happen to SHORAD, while Western sources portray it as cannon fodder for lowly Turkish TB2's...
  6. Odd that the number of dismounts seems to have dropped on both vehicles from 8-9 to 6. Is there something I'm missing here?
  7. Another one from F35 pilot, Hasard Lee:
  8. Looks like it is now official: Tiger is out and Apache (Guardian) is in for the Australian Army. https://www.minister.defence.gov.au/minister/lreynolds/media-releases/future-ready-strengthening-armys-armed-reconnaissance-capability
  9. Thanks for the correction. Please feel free to refer to my main post on the topic (and any subsequent posts). I compiled it (and having been subsequently using it) as something of a repository for debunking common myths about the F35.
  10. Thanks for the detailed response. I believe NASAMs was tested with ESSM Blk I back in 2012 so I had assumed a move to ESSM Blk II should be possible - this may not have been a safe assumption. That said, given that Australia's CEATAC/MOUNT radars are derived from those used in the ANZAC Class ASMD upgrade (IIRC), I am still left wondering whether they may yet be able to provide the needed datalink to ESSM Blk II. This strikes me as desirable since - as you alluded to yourself - it is likely to be the most sophisticated missile of the bunch, while still being relatively affordable.
  11. Right, which speaks to why AMRAAM-ER or ESSM Blk II is probably a preferable effector for NASAMS users going forward - it gives the system proper medium range reach with a TVC equipped missile.
  12. The RAAF has declared IOC with its F35A fleet: https://adbr.com.au/raaf-f-35a-capability-achieves-ioc/
  13. I agree although given that NASAMS is not as inherently mobile as an independent system like Tor or Roland, I think it really needs AMRAAM-ER or ESSM Blk II to keep it relevant going forward. It's also not ideally suited to C-RAM or C-UAS, hence why something like the 30mm Skyranger strikes me as an attractive complementary system, especially if the two can be datalinked together to share the same targeting information.
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