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  1. A good overview from a current F35A driver
  2. An update from earlier: "Pratt & Whitney has received a contract from the F-35 Joint Program Office to carry out the F135 modernisation study and operational assessment. The assessment is expected to determine the requirements for the propulsion system growth for Block 4.2 F-35 aircraft and later models. As per the $1.5m contract, the study will be completed in March. Pratt & Whitney Military Engines president Matthew Bromberg said: “This award is a significant milestone for the programme and the warfighter, as we look to ensure the F135 propulsion system continues to
  3. Then again if it's going to be optionally manned, I suppose it will need to be able to "command" itself (?)
  4. Guessing this is the R77M? Looks pretty slick, and not unlike the PL-15: It will be interesting to see if JATM follows a similar geometry as well.
  5. You came here pushing a tired & long-since debunked narrative on a topic you admit to having a poor understanding of, spammed the thread with crappy links to APA and POGO, and have now doubled down on the absolute nonsense with War is Boring and Foxtrot Alpha (after I warned you about them no less). Your comments about the Sidekick mod clearly demonstrate your ignorance, since there is nothing unusual about a 4 x AAM loadout, especially for a mid-sized, stealthy (ref FC-31) multirole fighter that needs fewer weapons to achieve its kills. By way of example, the F35's that ripped
  6. Not an expert but if the Israelis were happy with it I can't see why not. AFAIK the F35I is no different to an ordinary F35A apart from the installation of custom Israeli EW widgets. Happy to be corrected if I am wrong here.
  7. So I guess we know which is the best Flanker version now..? "On Tuesday, September 22, in the Tver region (Russia), a Su-30 aircraft crashed during a scheduled training flight. According to reports on military forums, he was accidentally shot down by another aircraft during training sparring in air combat... ...According to a report on the Military Informant Telegram channel , on the Su-35S fighter, which was sparring with the crashed Su-30SM, the missiles were removed after combat duty, but the gun was not discharged due to an oversight. Instead of shooting, he unexpectedly fired a real v
  8. For those interested, The Fighter Pilot Podcast did a solid interview with Lt Col Tucker Hamilton on the F35. IIRC he also got to fly it earlier in the program (before the CLAW had been fine tuned). Still, interesting stuff. Lt Col Tucker Hamilton on the F35 vs F16 high-AoA CLAW test. "The pilot wasn't doing a dogfighting test... he had no mission systems on the aircraft, and he was checking how the aircraft did with (I think) a certain pitch/yaw rate" The F35 used in the test was AF-2, which was using Block 2B software at the time with a G-limit of 7g's and CLAW restrictions pre
  9. So I'm going to go ahead and be "that guy" here and say that I find VR is actually a heap of fun in DCS. Unfortunately the footage doesn't lend itself to recording as well as the more stable Track-IR stuff but the DCS + HP Reverb combo is excellent.
  10. ^ Utter nonsense. You clearly didn't read/comprehend what I posted properly... again. - The Navy budget link directly covers the Sidekick weapon bay mod that will give all F35A's and Cs from Lot 15 onwards the capacity to carry 6 AIM120/260 internally. This is not controversial. - The pilot being interviewed is necessarily general in his feedback since the data on the specific aerodynamic capabilities of the F35 (eg its EM diagrams) is heavily classified and will remain so for decades to come. I will take his word (and that of numerous other relevant members of the operational com
  11. I must admit to being a little hurt that my posts didn't rate more highly with Calicifer. I honestly thought they were masterpieces (replete with high quality links/sources) compared to what you'd get from most other fora. *Sigh* back to the drawing board I guess...
  12. I think you will find these informative/educational (just press play and the relevant section will start): Bear in mind that this information is now ~6 years old, that the UAS arena has not remained stagnant in that time and that it continues to develop now...
  13. For anyone doubting the utility of UAS on the modern battlefield...
  14. It's not if you bother to do a little follow-up research. He is referring to the fact that the F22 relies entirely on its radar (APG-77) and ESM/EW suite (ALR-94) to detect & track air and surface targets. Both of these work exclusively in the RF spectrum. The Raptor also has the IR based AN/AAR-56, but this is only a missile warning system (for now). By contrast, the F35 has its radar (APG-81), ESM/EW suite (AN/ASQ-239), long range IRST + targeting pod with laser (EOTS) and spherical close-in IRST with MAWS functionality (AN/AAQ-37). Also, there is simply no comparison between the sens
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