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  1. Wow, so nearly a tripling of Australia's tank weight fleet.
  2. by that article, the Redback is wider than the Lynx, by the picture the tracks on the Hanwha are as wide as the combo of Lynx track + side skirt. the ride will be different between the 2 vehicles. more rubber in contact + more tension along the track height seems similar, but hawha has both taller hull and nil suspension intrusion into hull. why?
  3. ' STANAG 4A/4B for Mineblast protection with the same mine resistant seating system as on the Hawkei PMV https://www.australiandefence.com.au/defence/land/land-400-phase-3-bids-in-the-box
  4. I count 8 in there. And aren't those seats - Australian government issue seats from the Hawkei, to be common between Lynx and Redback?
  5. Video from Canberra.
  6. 5 sets of vents on one side, must be lucky number to confuse enemy for which one is the real.
  7. compare to CV90 mkIV floor of as21 perhaps 300mm thick, no intrusions VS floor of CV90 looks like sits right above torsion bars
  8. so this is about as wide and as long as the abrams? and as21 hull roof height is possibly abrams turret roof height?
  9. I would suggest the RWS integration will be partly responsible for the command, control, communications, and computing (C4) capability, basically (Kongsberg) an integral part of the K9's digital architecture and fire-control system. Otherwise they would just chosen Australia's EOS RWS for the australian market.
  10. isn't the coax on the starboard side? or did it swap side for Australia?
  11. interesting detail on the port side of the gun shroud.
  12. something that is standing out is that both as21 and kf41 seem to have the drivers position a lot further aft than CV90 or KF31.... periscopes seem to at front of AS21 drivers hatch, but halfway back of KF41 hatch
  13. 4 radars cover 360 horizontal, so it should be good for upto 45 degree from horizon, I doubt the radar covers above 60 degree from horizon, 45-60 degree is iffy. i do notice the radars are canted back a little... it would only take 1 additional radar to sense the top, thats implies a 1/4 price increase
  14. what I'm trying to understand, would a carefully driven rubber banded IFV be capable of travel on australian/asian roads without causing damage. because excavators have a bad reputation for tearing up the roads. we have plenty of that thin cheap, spray seal (chip & seal) road The Nature of Sprayed Seals | Austroads.
  15. Question, how friendly (or otherwise) are rubber tracks to dirt roads. I assume the rubber tracks are still too aggressive to place on bitumen roads, but do they tear up dirt roads too? (Ie australian rural dirt road, but still traversable by RWD. Ie ford falcon)
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