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  1. what I'm trying to understand, would a carefully driven rubber banded IFV be capable of travel on australian/asian roads without causing damage. because excavators have a bad reputation for tearing up the roads. we have plenty of that thin cheap, spray seal (chip & seal) road The Nature of Sprayed Seals | Austroads.
  2. Question, how friendly (or otherwise) are rubber tracks to dirt roads. I assume the rubber tracks are still too aggressive to place on bitumen roads, but do they tear up dirt roads too? (Ie australian rural dirt road, but still traversable by RWD. Ie ford falcon)
  3. I'm sure I don't know what the relevant performance metrics are, however using the public advertisments in my country, I get COAPS 2016 COAPS_2016.pdf (elbitsystems.com.au) FLIR •target NATO NFOV (DRI 10.5, 4.5, 2.2) km R400 R400BrochureAUS_WEB.pdf (eos-aus.com) thermal imager•target (DRI 13.7, 5.1, 4.0) km If I were to draw a conclusion, it would be that 4 years is currently a long time in sensor tech, and that COAPS2016 is different to COAPS today.
  4. just a thought, now that Apache are joining ADF, the M230 chaingun will now publicly be part of ADF. which is an option for the redback's R400 RWS. (but why bother when there is a real 30mm already on the turret)
  5. hmmm helicopters are army, apache uses m230, ADF will now have logistics to support M230
  6. No one is surprised. The lack of availbility of the OZ tiger was legendary. "On average, only 3.5 aircraft in the operational fleet of 16 helicopters were available on any given day in 2015,” it said. This was below targeted readiness of 12 aircraft." https://www.flightglobal.com/helicopters/resurgent-tiger-fights-for-survival-in-australian-arh-competition/140432.article I expect the EU tigers were much better, in theory its the same bird. In reality....
  7. EOS r400 optics etc are better than elbit's 2016 COAPS, but i can't find pdfs about current COAPS, I notice the AS21 COAPS has differing lenses to earlier generation. Other notable point is that EOS r400 seems to duplicated its dual axis stabilisation. I guess that allows the sensor's slew and elevation to be more rapid and more stable than it's weapons.
  8. RWS EOS is claiming roughly 12,500m. 5,500m and 4,500m for both thermal and day vision for dectection, recognition and identification (respectively).
  9. Modern slat armour is about 10kg per square metre coverage. (See hawkei above). It also has electric cunning to defeat more modern rpg. So weight is almost inconsequential, but maintainability and robustness could be an issue. As both redback and lynx come with ironfist's radars, the obvious option to up armour for pre deployment is simply to plug in larger/ and or additional launchers for the APS....so perhaps that is the future. But guessing the australian army conservatism, i would expect both. Additionally i would expect users of either/both lynx and redback to eventually add some hu
  10. Colour scheme for Oz...(australian feral pig) Bristles included.
  11. Maybe slat armour will end up optimised for 57mm HEAT spam. Besides slat armour should be cheap to repair.
  12. What is that spare prop looking thing on the side? It looks like its there to demonstrate the side can carry stuff, if needed.
  13. It was in Darwin? What about Ipswich?
  14. Aslav bar armour was made cheaply by some Locals, so no need to go plasan. The other thought is that the sides will just carry shovels and shit and if we be tricky, we mighty get a privacy sheet work to cover it, and pretend it something special.
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