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  1. interesting contrast in headlights
  2. ] picture says a thousand words, slat armour and exhaust muffler
  3. 2 redbacks and 2 lynx in that video?
  4. 3 shots in approx 30 seconds, K9 155mm artillery
  5. The Land 400 Phase 3 RMA path - Australian Defence Magazine "Prior to the start of the user trials, a Lynx and a Redback were displayed side by side outside Defence headquarters on 12 March, both weighing in at more than 40 tonnes and towering over a well-preserved example of the M113AS4 that they’re competing to replace. The user trials will continue until October, when the project will move to a final evaluation phase. Test locations include the High Range training area outside Townsville during the wet season, and the 2,100 square kilometre Cultana combined arms training area in South Australia at the height of summer. According to Defence, the test vehicles will have been delivered to the trials “in a configuration representative of their tendered configuration with any exceptions agreed to by Defence and documented in the RMA contracts that Defence has signed with each tenderer”."
  6. the guaranteed winner is Bisalloy hosts Hanwha for site tour and talks | Bisalloy Bisalloy and Rheinmetall Teaming Agreement Extended | Bisalloy
  7. Elphinestone LAND FORCES 2021 - Elphinstone & Hanwha team for Redback IFV hull fabrication | ADBR for hull fabrication. 50 tonne vehicles, Elphinestone's sweet spot, 52 tonnes operating mass R2900 LHD (+17 more for payload) EDITORIAL || An even money chance for the North-West to win big | The Advocate | Burnie, TAS https://youtu.be/OltnuP4SuJI
  8. I was actually thinking that would be a good idea anyway, both seem excellent options, call for sharpened pencils and start manufacture anyway. the m113 has long been effectively a capbility gap.
  9. don't know, it kinda feels like both have potential to make it to the finish line, barring some unfortunate self sabotarge ie, Redback's exhaust, Lynx's ammunition.
  10. my understanding of phase 3 land 400, is that its easy to demonstrate multiple configurations and options, but the sales pitch is to about a sole particular best option. I would consider it for australia to be demonstration of the better suited for Australia between the T2000 and the Elbit system, but could still be relevant for other countries looking for a in use, global solution.
  11. according to DTR DTR JUNE 2021 (partica.online) marketing, Hanwha will be demonstrating 2 turrets for Land 400 phase 3 RMA. Both the Elbit MT30 and the EOS T2000.
  12. good for height scale
  13. Wow, so nearly a tripling of Australia's tank weight fleet.
  14. by that article, the Redback is wider than the Lynx, by the picture the tracks on the Hanwha are as wide as the combo of Lynx track + side skirt. the ride will be different between the 2 vehicles. more rubber in contact + more tension along the track height seems similar, but hawha has both taller hull and nil suspension intrusion into hull. why?
  15. ' STANAG 4A/4B for Mineblast protection with the same mine resistant seating system as on the Hawkei PMV https://www.australiandefence.com.au/defence/land/land-400-phase-3-bids-in-the-box
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