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  1. Here is a video series about the Soviet Homeland air defense systems. The first two episodes were released on Binkov's Battleground channel, this is the 3rd. (Links are in the video description). There isn't any air defense topic so I opened here. I guess air defense is aviation related. The series will include the following systems. SA-1 / S-25 Berkut (done) SA-2A,B,F / Sa-75 Dvina, SA-2C + SA-2E / S-75 Desna + S-75M Volkhov (done) SA-3 / S-125 Neva SA-5 / S-200 Angara, Vega, Dubna SA-10A&B, SA-20, SA-21 /S-300PT&PS, S-300PMU1/2, S-400 S-350 Following these can come the IADS equipment (Vektor, Senhez, etc) and US SAMs, Nike + BOMARC, HAWK and PATRIOT. The whole army air defense of the USSR + WPAC is a different topic which also will be presented.
  2. Detailed explanation of the Cold War A-10A and the Avenger. 95% Cold War related content 5% post Cold War COIN.
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