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  1. So, this showed up at Zuhai a couple of days ago, part of a video being watched by J-20 Chief Engineer and featuring other stuff as well.
  2. Is this the first footage of S-500? https://twitter.com/KomissarWhipla/status/1417376919474089998?s=20
  3. At this point the reveal is completly spoiled so...
  4. I´m just confused with the amount of IFVs that came out of Turkey. Remember the Tulpar?
  5. Ok its not a MiG but a Sukhoi. Su-75 apparently. That designation makes sense as it plays with Su-57. https://fighterjetsworld.com/air/sukhoi-su-75-checkmate-russias-new-stealth-fighter-jet/26215/ Better image:
  6. He did prove you wrong though. Victory at any cost.
  7. The air intake seems to run from the "chin" up to including the "cheeks"
  8. Sukhoi and Mig are no longer separate companies, rather separate design teams under the UAC. Mig has access to Sukhoi´s research and installations and vice versa. If this plane is any good and is offered at a good price it will do very well in the export market as its only competitor is the F-35. Depends on how many stuff it borrows from Su-57. For example, if its meant to share the same Izdelie 30 engine, then a big chunk of development work will be finalized before this Mig comes off production lines.
  9. The shape around the cockpit is basically the same as the model shown years ago
  10. AFAIK currently there is only one Stryker Brigade stationed in Europe. Or are there any plans to deploy an armored brigade there as well?
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