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  1. Does somebody have a good list (and data) of Chinese 125mm APFSDS?
  2. More info on DM73, KE2020Neo, Rh130mm and MGCS. - Super confirmed that DM73 is the same good old DM53/63 projectile and sabot but with more powerful propellant. Existing DM63 rounds can be upgraded to DM73. 8 Percent performance improvement over DM63. - KE2020Neo will get a new "DM" designation in 2-3 years, mass production expected for 2025. Entirely new design both for projectile and sabot. Design is not yet finalized. - There is not enough info currently to simulate T-14 armor for trials and experiments with the new ammo. - Rh130 has 50 percent more chamber volume than 120mm, an
  3. New concept for an ATGM carrier - tank destroyer, based on the Kurganets platform. Makes a lot of sense. The "turret" from where missiles are launched reminds a lot of Tor. https://bmpd.livejournal.com/4276303.html?utm_source=fbsharing&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR1Mvt1gCixvz_-PNXj0dt7nIZF-sDTKaKq1C0IhCum2_vvJsBUIoFvFJco
  4. MLC100?! They turned an MBT into a Maus 2.0!
  5. Very interesting article, also has good info for MGCS: - Weight within limits of MLC 60 - The turret will have protection vs 125mm APFSDS (even if it is unmanned as the rheinmetall concept envisions) - 99 percent implied that the autoloader is based/inspired on the Japanese Type 10´s but still is an original design (that´s what i call a discreet F-U to the French and their experience with the Leclerc). - Ready to fire ammo not exceeding 22 rounds. - Development of the tank is expected to continue at least until 2026.
  6. Remember some years back when people were saying that T-14 could use its radars to scan for targets as well? There is nothing to back that up right?
  7. That´s one option. But if K2M is meant for SK service i would expect to see some ERA above the ammo racks as in the current model.
  8. Driver has been relocated to the center of the chassis. I wonder where they put the ammo that is on the right currently.
  9. T-14 at IDEX will be a mock up. But interesting new info: - FCS can do automatic target search and recognition - New (and better) footage of shell ejection.
  10. News from the real south. TAM 2C program sees light at the end of the tunnel. An agreement was reached between the Argentinian Government and Elbit to start the upgrade of 74 TAM to 2C standard.
  11. Any available time frame of when the development of that engine is planned to be finished?
  12. You mean the one on the Ariete? Or the newer meant to replace it as part of the MLU program? If you mean the first, then it most likely will have problems in the Altay since the tank is heavier than the Ariete and the engine is less powerful than the MTU. If you mean the second, with 1500 hp, it is still in development phase and by the time its clear for export, the Turks may have made enough progress with their own engine. Either case the most important aspect is not clear which is the political willingness of Italy to defy EU stance on Turkey´s militarism. And right now Italy is not the m
  13. At this pace, they are going to have the Altay in production in 5 years at best.
  14. Do you have a source stating explicitly that Renk 304 is the transmission used on Merk Mk.2-3? I´m convinced from photo evidence that´s indeed the case but i´ve been unable to find a source proving it unequivocally.
  15. This confirms that the side hull module has explosive contents. It reads "נָפִיץ" ("explosive") there.
  16. Yeah i noticed that too. Wasn't expecting to see the Dorchester getting replaced. Guess that the new armor is going to be called "Port Down armor".
  17. More on the Challenger 3 and Warrior 2. This is from September 28th. https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/12523/html/?fbclid=IwAR3MXJBHlgabki4BwkB6946JiX_NGFedgjEDuR2oBpJzdDZ5Xm-G3HHlWNM
  18. "Serial production and deliveries of the newest Armata tank to the Russian army will begin in 2021." How many times we've heard that? Is there any reason to believe that next year is for real?
  19. Most likely SA cameras, those are mentioned as part of the equipment. But they were part of the discussion. The engineers/higher ups were pushing for 2 man crews in order to get lighter tanks (which should be the main priority) but were met with resistance by soldiers. 3 man crews proposed as a compromise while the soldiers were adamant in that 4 men (and weight like the current abrams) were preferable, after all the crews dont concern themselves with the strategic/operational/logistic aspects of deploying tanks, they care about the job they already are familiar with. So i thin
  20. Thats a second coaxial machinegun as described by the table below. Why put two 7.62 coaxials? Who knows
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