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  1. I actually found the PDF from the company making the stuff, and it's very impressive. There are three main materials. The first one is the nano-ceramics, and they seem to provide good proof that it can resist a lot of hits while having a ME of 4. I still have no clue what they are using though, do you? Next up is the hardened steel, and I think the claim of 30% over ARMOX500Z is realistic and is very likely to be HHS, such as Mars 650 . At the end is MAT 7220 New, and this one I think is insanely good. A titanium-aluminium alloy, that is as light as alumina and cheaper AND very multi-hit resis
  2. Don’t trash the government too much, SpaceX couldn’t have existed without the billions from NASA. It’s FAR from a private sector at this point
  3. I actually figured it out, turns out the CX-950 IC plate was made out of silicon carbide, not alumina. I found out by checking out the only VPAM 10 certified plate made by tencate, the CX-850. I knew this one was already made out of SIC because denmark protection group's level IV plate has the same thickness and weight, and they openly advertise the material. Also, not only is the naming similar, but dividing the CX-950 IC's weight by the CX-850 IC gives exactly 1,5. I also had to account for the corners. Thus, the ME against RHA is exactly 3. It's around 2.4 against HHS. It still seems quite
  4. I want to calculate the weight required to make an armor that can resist 7.62 RUAG SWISS AP, also known as VPAM level 12. I needed a baseline so I took NIJ Level IV and then tried to find the difference of weight so I could get a percentage. The only plate that's still made for this threat is the TenCate CX-950 IC. This plate is 8.93 lbs for a sapi medium and is alumina in-conjonction with soft armor. I then needed to find a Level IV alumina IC, which I found on UARM's website. It's 7.6 lbs, so if we do 8.93/7.6 we get around 1.175, but I put 1.25 considering UARM's plates are often quite heav
  5. Hi everyone, first post here I stumbled across this video : It’s super dense polyethylene with a neutral buoyancy core for impact resistance. It weights only 4 pounds, so for weight effiency it’s around 3 times better than ar550 and 4 times better than other ceramics ballistic plates, AND that’s while including the water, which I doubt add any bulletproof capabilities. Is it just me or does it sound a bit fishy?
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