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  1. Hi guys, Does anyone know of any military studies that analyzed the reload speeds for different tanks? The question occurred to me when I watched this video tour of the T-55's interior: https://youtu.be/TEDhB9evPvw At the 10:00 mark, Mr. Moran demonstrates how the loader would put a shell into the tank's cannon, and the effects of the turret's small size and of the loader's awkward seating make it clear that the process would be slow. My question is: how slow? Side question: Am I right to assume that storing the tank shells all over the inside of the turret like that is an inherent design flaw of the T-55 that makes it inferior in that regard to modern tanks? Thanks in advance.
  2. The Leopard 1 and AMX-30 lack the growth space for what? Later iterations of the Leopard 1 had 120mm cannons. And surely, both tanks could have been upgraded over time with better engines.
  3. Since the M1A2 will have titanium armor instead of steel, does that mean all the old M1 tanks made with integral steel armor won't be able to be upgraded to the M1A2 standard?
  4. With these factors in mind, what is the appropriate thickness of steel for a modern MBT? How does the steel thickness of the T-55 and M-60 compare to that? I'm curious to know how bad the "excess steel armor" problem is on the older tanks.
  5. Canada could buy newly-constructed Arleigh-Burke destroyers made in the U.S. The bigger the orders, the more that economies of scale lower the individual costs.
  6. What makes their suspensions worse?
  7. Why doesn't Canada just buy Arleigh-Burke destroyers from the U.S.?
  8. What about my idea to develop new turrets for old tanks? The turrets would be lighter weight because they would be made of modern armor, and would come integrated with other modern tech. The old tank turrets would be removed and the new ones dropped in. Is the ammo storage location in the M-60 and T-55 safe? If not, could it also be fixed by dropping in a new turret that stored all the ammo safely in the back, like in the M1 Abrams?
  9. Hi guys, I recently read about upgrade packages to old tanks like the M-60 and T-55, but kept seeing comments from people saying they would still be obsolete. Is this because the M-60 and T-55 are made entirely of steel (and not composite) armor? I have this theory that thick steel armor is probably totally obsolete, and is just dead weight in the age of lighter weight composite armor. You can bolt on upgrades to an M-60 or T-55, but you're still hamstrung by the fact that either tank will be carrying around tons of useless steel. Am I right? Also, if we wanted to upgrade old tanks like that, wouldn't the best idea be to develop a new turret--with lighter, modern composite armor and better technology inside--and just drop it into the old tanks? The hulls would still be made of heavy steel, but that could be helped a bit by adding applique armor. Here are some of the upgrades I read about: https://youtu.be/NG89Zh9qQrQ http://www.army-guide.com/eng/product1907.html
  10. Assume the robot tank is a clean sheet design not intended for human crewmen.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm very impressed by the technical expertise on this forum, and so I'd like your feedback on my theories about what a crew-less, robot tank would be like. I wrote about it here, on my blog: https://www.militantfuturist.com/what-would-a-robot-tank-look-like/ I might edit the blog entry based on any feedback I get from you guys. Thanks.
  12. Are there any newer tank engines that could be easily installed in a Sherman?
  13. Might be a dumb question, but what is the difference between a normal 90mm main gun and a low-pressure 90mm main gun? Why couldn't a Sherman have a 105mm cannon? The Styker is smaller but has it.
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