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  1. Friends, Dakotans, countrymen! Lend me your rifles! The final iteration of the .257 FLAP cartridge design is here, featuring additional improvements which improve projectile performance and mitigate the velocity loss caused by the move to a lower-pressure steel case: doubtless at the behest of those uncouth men of the cities who are as profligate with lead as they are parsimonious with gold. But nonetheless, rejoice! Wakȟáŋ Tȟáŋka has granted success to our engineers and ballisticians, and the requirements are met even at what truly seem to be the lowest possible of velocities. The new round retains the same general case dimensions, except with a shorter neck. The 128-grain projectile leaves the barrel at a respectable 2790 feet per second and clings to its velocity like no other round in such a small caliber. The von Kármán ogive shape has been retained, as it is likely that firearm advancements (as well as, we hope, the eventual acquiescence of the craven bean-counters to the demands for brass-cased ammunition) will accelerate the projectile to even higher velocities than currently attained - even though, nonetheless, the round performs admirably even at a pokier pace. The primary improvements are as follows: The jacket is now 0.175" thick and produced from an approximately five-percent zinc bronze, drawn from the rear of the projectile. This will ensure significant penetration capability in dense and deep targets, such as bison. The case has been redesigned for production from steel. Although approximately one hundred feet per second, if not more, may be gained via the use of a higher-pressure and higher-capacity brass case, the weight savings are significant. Cost savings as well, but it bodes poorly to dwell on ammunition cost - one bullet will harvest a buffalo sufficient for the purchase of thousands, and the Scouts of the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ do not miss. The neck of the case has been shortened to 0.250" to avoid a waste of volume, particularly in consideration of the projectile's short shank. The ogive comes up exactly to the case mouth. The meplat has been made significantly smaller, to a diameter of 0.025". Accuracy significantly benefits from the the open-tip design. Given the expected uses of this projectile, an expanding design is contraindicated, but one has been designed with a larger meplat diameter of 0.05" and a larger hollow behind such. Although ballistically inferior, this is likely to have somewhat better terminal effects on medium game, such as mule deer or humans. The superior characteristics of this round should be evident to all present who have taken buffalo or fought against men out on the endless plains. Fig. 1. Ballistic performance at full velocity. Fig. 2. Ballistic performance at substandard velocity, to the tune of 200 feet per second. (!) Fig. 3. Internal ballistics data calculated by the upgraded megacomputer. Fig. 4. The rather gentle recoil characteristics of the round. Fig. 5. Penetration into pine at 600 yards with reduced velocity, which comes out to above 18". This increases to ~19.8" when the projectile is fired at full velocity. Fig. 6. Cost per round, as cursorily estimated by the "accounting" "department".
  2. Upon reviewing the submitted designs, the Great Council of the Flapetoŋwaŋ has determined that the design process of the settled agricultural peasant known as Toxn has become similar to that of the warriors of the endless sky. Various spies and collaborationists have been sacrificed to the glorious and eternal Wakȟáŋ Tȟáŋka for their treachery in provision of our superior pastoralist projectile designs to the sedentarist-agriculturalist wreckers and degenerates. As a result of visions obtained during the sacrificial ritual, the council has decided to retain the extant bullet shape, as first described by the far-famed shaman of the distant Magyar steppes, known in the towns and cities by the appellation of von Kármán. The jacket will be modified to be produced from gilding metal drawn from the rear of the projectile, and the jacket thickness increased to 0.45 mm, or approximately the diameter of a single crystal of common salt. Additionally, a steel case will likely be implemented to satisfy the obsession of the paleface over his coins and gold. He who grants the rightful honor to this cartridge will be honored at a great feast, and with the sacrifice of many horses.
  3. Comrades, co-conspirators, people of Big Sky Country! I present to you the culmination of extensive research done in the depths of our underground laboratories, including the construction of a seven-hundred-meter tunnel for the verification of ballistic data. The .257 FLAP, or by its metric designation 6.35 × 50 mm FLAP, is a new rifle cartridge delivering the performance required to kill buffalo out to 1400 yards, as much accuracy as your rifle can get out of it, and much much more! The round's slippery ogive -- off the design of von Kármán himself -- provides for excellent aerodynamics, and the heavy-for-caliber projectile holds on tight to every last foot-per-second, staying supersonic well past a kilometer. The 0.257" diameter projectile weighs 132 grains and is 1.37 inches long, or approximately 5.3 calibers. All-up length is 1.98 inches. Here is the printout of our hypercomputer's performance estimate - most of the development costs so far have been in replacement vaccuum tubes. Here the performance at nominal velocity can be seen - impressive! High energy! Even with a 200 fps velocity penalty, it ZOOOOOOMs. Recoil energy is a measly 9.13 lb-ft. Pine penetration is much more than adequate, but reaches at least 48 cm at 600 yards even with the velocity penalty. Cost per round is 7.884 cents, which is cheap enough, amirite? Happy shooting, to all who will choose this superior, medium-bore, heavy-bulleted monstrosity!
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