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  1. Friends, Dakotans, countrymen! Lend me your rifles! The final iteration of the .257 FLAP cartridge design is here, featuring additional improvements which improve projectile performance and mitigate the velocity loss caused by the move to a lower-pressure steel case: doubtless at the behest of those uncouth men of the cities who are as profligate with lead as they are parsimonious with gold. But nonetheless, rejoice! Wakȟáŋ Tȟáŋka has granted success to our engineers and ballisticians, and the requirements are met even at what truly seem to be the lowest possible of velocities.
  2. Upon reviewing the submitted designs, the Great Council of the Flapetoŋwaŋ has determined that the design process of the settled agricultural peasant known as Toxn has become similar to that of the warriors of the endless sky. Various spies and collaborationists have been sacrificed to the glorious and eternal Wakȟáŋ Tȟáŋka for their treachery in provision of our superior pastoralist projectile designs to the sedentarist-agriculturalist wreckers and degenerates. As a result of visions obtained during the sacrificial ritual, the council has decided to retain the extant bullet shape,
  3. Comrades, co-conspirators, people of Big Sky Country! I present to you the culmination of extensive research done in the depths of our underground laboratories, including the construction of a seven-hundred-meter tunnel for the verification of ballistic data. The .257 FLAP, or by its metric designation 6.35 × 50 mm FLAP, is a new rifle cartridge delivering the performance required to kill buffalo out to 1400 yards, as much accuracy as your rifle can get out of it, and much much more! The round's slippery ogive -- off the design of von Kármán himself -- provi
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