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  1. I will be honest with you, I am an engineer and former tank gunner-driver. I want to work on tank development so I am thinking to apply some defense companies but I must prove them have knowledge and new ideas. You can call me panzer fanboy but I picked Leopard 2 to work on (fairly modern, wide use and capable to install new systems) and begin to research, then found this forum (far best english forum about tanks that I could ever find) and said to myself "Wow those guys have both passion and and knowledge, this forum will definitely help to my research." and yes, it helped a lot but it's not enough. Answer to your question is every little detail of that cat.
  2. There is a lot of Leopard books but they like a child book or a catalogue. I was looking for more technical documents. I am sure every army that using Leopard 2's have between 5 to 10 books about them(crew manual, maintenance books, etc.) but i couldn't find anything. I know a little bit german but it didn't help me either.
  3. Kinda, I made a research in Leopard 2 topic and this topic but I couldn't find what I need. Then I thought posting in here should be fine. Sorry if I made a mistake.
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