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CZ-7 Successfully Launches


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China's new rocket (roughly comparable to the Atlas V) launched yesterday. Unlike the Long March 2, the CZ-7/Long March 7 uses LOX/Kerosene instead of hypergolics, which is a pretty big improvement from a safety standpoint.


Also, I believe it's going to be used for manned missions in the future (the entire architecture is liquid fuelled).

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Just for reference, and to add a bit to the post I guess, they have more then "one" new rocket, but rather a family of them, The Long March 7 being the second heaviest of the ones built so far behind the CZ-5/CS-5B (which is considered the "parent" design of the others) which is undergoing it's maiden launch soon, but heavier then the "small-medium" payload 6 series and "emergency recovery" 11 series


Long March 6 and Long March 11 had their first and only test launches last year on September 19th and 25th respectively, both were successful.


(there are an 8 and 9 "superheavy" launch vehicles, but as far as I'm aware, these are still only in design study stage, 10 was skipped for reasons unknown.).

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