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Shot (and shotguns)


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Looking for some input on a potential article.

That is-  "Increasing shot velocity and charge , versus increasing shot volume while maintaining charge"..


Not sure how many in here really have dicked with shotguns, but there was a move away from large bore, large  "column"  shells toward  smaller bore, and higher delivery velocity of said column within the last 100 years.


Now, we are seeing 3.5"  12 gauge shells that are basically trying to replicate (IMO)  large dram 10 gauge loads. . I propose that instead of moving toward smaller bore , higher mass loads, we look  toward removing idiotic and primitive restrictions, and remove caps on 8 bore and larger shotguns.  Thus allowing the same mass of shot, delivered at a lower, but more useful  velocity.


(Disclaimer- I used to hunt dove with a 10 gauge damascus barreled Boss & Co. shotgun. ).

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